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Hi! Im Rhianna (but my friends call me Harley because of my similarity and obsession with Harley Quinn)

I like to right because its the only time I feel I really belong since Im basically running my own world in my imagination and I just dont feel I can relate to this mundane reality we live in :(

I can right anything I want and be good at it. Crime, fantasy, horror, drama... you name it! There are no stops on my train of thought ;) My brain is constantly reeling and racing! I can even right erotica but I dont know if Id be allowed to upload that on here. Someone get back to me on that.

If youre looking for a story thats not that long I would recommend "Lisa" since its chapters are only little nuggets of writing. If you want something longer than "Patient 4479" is something you should consider. I also have poems up. Just read the descriptions and choose a story.

(I will be updating this as I write more.) 

I hope you find my stories entertaining and I hope you take the polls I set up as I like to document my progress.

Thanks for dropping by! Have a good one! 

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