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Hello, everyone, I like writing books I write them at home and school I cant believe I found this site it is the best My real name is Henry I am Age 10 Birth date: 14 of February 2005 I want to be an author when I grow up 

I like Pokemon. It´s so amazing It is life. Okay, not really. I also like food. Lots of food. My favourite food of all time is Mango. It tastes so good. I like mango flavoured stuff. I also like Yu-Gi-Oh.

Friends: My best friends at school are: Inthavanh, Dylan C, Dylan Y, William, Eric and Nabil I also have other friends.

I dislike: calling me names like loser, my big brothers Yong, and Ming and eating nuts. My most hated food of all time is celery. MY WORST ENEMY!!

I hope everyone enjoys my books and thanks for commenting on my books and my wall and comment on my wall what book I should write about. Thank you, everyone, again and see you next time!

I also really like soccer. Soccer is my favourite sport if you want to know.

Later awesome cool people on StoriesCity and the universe.

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