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Hey guys my names Kay. I love singing and writing songs. I can play the drums and guitar a little. My favorite colors are blue and turquoise. I love making people smile or laugh........... I can be really funny sometimes. I can fly XD i also have winter powers too and I´m not afraid to hit you with a snowball if your being mean either -_- I LOVE anime.

Anyway I hope we can all be friends ^^ 

I can also listen and be serious most times. So if you have any problems you can always come to me...... Only if you want to ....

Well thats about it  I hoped you enjoyed it *smiles and hugs reader* 

Here have a cookie *gives you cookie*

um......also I have a google plus, wattpad, figment, and quotev account.   I also call people Snowflake a lot hehe

Sadly forgot my password on my other profile so i made this new one..........

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