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Whether or not you were taught to believe so, your life matters. Your life is important, and you were born for a reason. You may be chubby, weird, too thin, ugly, goth, etc., but you will PROSPER! Remember Neville Longbottom(from Harry Potter)? Thats Matthew Lewis. He was chubby, weird, and slightly unattractive as a younger child, but he grew up to be quite the hottie! All people start out as something chubby and defenseless. A newborn baby. But "no, a newborn baby is different," they say! "Chubby children or teens are bound to be terrible human beings!" Ill name just a few people who were unattractive as kids, but were prosperous: Gabriel Iglesias, Ryan Seacrest(Braces, large glasses, double chin),Russel Brand, Khloe Kardashian. Just a few examples of people who made it through life being unattractive, and maybe even weird.

A message for my friends/subscribers: please come to me or someone you trust if you dont feel alright... You know, mentally... Like if you just feel youre just a disgrace to the earth, or if you feel like nobody likes you, or if you just want to kill yourself. Even if you just feel really angry/depressed for some reason, come to me or someone you trust to vent/let out your feelings. I swear, I dont judge/criticize/bully/tease unless I am provoked by another person who is doing the same to somebody I know... Even if I dont know the person being judged/criticized/bullied/teased. When Im provoked, my argument usually only lasts a little while, and if the person provoking me gets to a certain level of emotion, I just stop arguing, say "I have an opinion, Im allowed to dislike others decisions, as are you, but that doesnt mean I get to hurt their feelings/wellbeing/life because of it. I apologise for any I may have said that couldve offended you, and Im go into leave it at that." I will not report anybody, unless a legitimate threat is posed, or it seems like a legitimate threat is posed.


My name is actually Emma Ashley, and I love to write stories. The story Im working on now is potentially a novel called "The Apocalypse". I love to draw- I mostly draw Creepypastas. The only style I can draw is Anime, so dont ask me to draw realistically, because the drawing will be way out of proportion. I read constantly, and some of the books I read give me inspiration for my novel. Its probably obvious that I love demonic stuff- mostly because I like Creepypastas; Im writing a novel that has the Devil(Lucifer) and his dog(Cyberus) in it; and Im a ginger so I have no soul because Im the Devils spawn(lol). 

Hey you know how how people say gingers have no souls? Well I dont have my own, but every freckle I have Is a soul Ive either stolen, given, or been sold...

See what I did there?     _____

                                   < ^,,^ >  

           Snaggle tooth lol>(V_)

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