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Important notice that Toriel is now my mom

Hello hello hello nice to meet you
My name is Smile and I´m a 16-year-old girl from the United States. Smile isn´t my real name, but that´s been my name on Stories City for almost as long as I´ve been here. :)
♥ My passions: Writing, music, equality, animals, activism
♥ My interests: All of the above plus drawing/painting, gaming, K-pop, J-pop & J-rock, anime/manga, vintage fashion
♥ Favorite story genre: Hmm...sci-fi? Fantasy? Horror? To be honest I can´t decide, but I can tell you that my least favorite is romance (but only the unrealistic and mushy stories that unfortunately make up the majority of the genre).
♥ Favorite bands: Ugh, too many to name...but if I have to choose just a few, I´d choose BTS, SHINee, The Oral Cigarettes, My Chemical Romance, and Green Day.
♥ I´m always open to conversation, so feel free to say hi! But do keep in mind that I don´t always check my messages right away, so I might not give an immediate response.
Oh, and if you want me to read one of your stories, just ask me. I will read any stories that are suggested to me, but to be blunt I´m quite picky about what I read. As long as I find your story interesting, I will read it the whole way through. :)
♥ If there´s anything else you want to know about me, just ask! I will answer any questions that I´m comfortable with answering, but please try to refrain from asking personal questions.

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