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Im back ??

Hello my name is Smile and I became inactive for about half a year
that changes now lolol

About me

♦ Im 16 years old

♦ I love dogs, especially my dog

♦ I watch anime a lot

♦ My favorite anime are My Hero Academia and Yuri!!! On Ice

♦ I write whatever I feel like for the most part, but I favor chapter-based fantasy stories

♦ Remember when I used to hate romance? I kinda really like it now

♦ And I write it

♦ Regularly

♦ Like pretty much whenever I write

♦ I love vampires, werewolves, and spooky gothic monsters

♦ I just like gothic literature in general

♦ Also I recently got into Voltron

♦ Keith and Shiro are the best boys

♦ Oh, and did I mention I like K-pop? My favorite groups are SHINee, BTS, VIXX, and A.C.E

♦ My bias (favorite) from each group respectively is Taemin, Jin, Ravi, and Jason

♦ Im a little shy, so Im not likely to start a conversation myself, but Id be happy to have a chat with you if you want c:

So to summarize, I like to write and read and watch stuff. I dont have a regular update schedule for any of my works, so please subscribe to my stories if you like them to get a notification whenever I update!

P.S. As long as you havent royally pissed me off in the past, Ill accept friend requests from anyone. *wink wink*

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