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Hello my name is Miss E and I recently signed up, I love reading and anything to do about the internet or electronics. I spend most of my time in my room on my laptop, taking a nap or listening to the latest pop music. I´d say most of the time at school I´m with my friends, we are not very popular and are known as the "Weird & Nerdy" group. I also love drawing even though I´m hopeless at it. I´m also always trying to fit in, first it´s those fake and collectible credit cards, then there is Gangnam style and now loom-bands, I´m always trying to fit in. I get stressed easily which leads to anger, at the moment I´m in a stressful time. I have three pets, a blonde Lurcher, a beagle cross with a fox hound and a pet moth that flies around me room, no given name. NFTT.. That was my random side, I sometimes enjoy making other people laugh and just splurt out random things.

I hope you enjoyed my profile, peace!

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