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Hello My Name Is Red

* I love to write and read, and editing stuff

* My favourite colour is Red (well obviously)

* Do not send me any mean messages here

Hello my name is Red, I love to read and write and my favourite colour is red. If you send me a mean message I will ignore and delete it, creativity is my life - I always sing, write and draw. Everyone has a piece of creativity somewhere inside of them even if they don´t show it. At school I´m very shy. My best friends are very protective and supportive to me through every hole in my life and I´m about to settle in my final year of Primary School. I also like listening to music (my favourite songs are Timber and Dynimit), playing video games, (Minecraft and Bullworth Scholar Edition) and watching movies, (Twilight Saga and Titanic) Everything in my life is normal at the moment. I can´t wait to meet new friends! - Red (21/07)

Upcoming Books :

The Survival Series -  Five people surviving the Zombie Outbreak

Paranormal - A creepy tale of a young woman with a horrific past

How To Make An Amazing Book - A guide-book for everyone

Blossom - A romantic tale of two high school kids, sweet huh?

Titanic - Two sisters, one ship, one iceberg, horror and tragic.

Silvermist Series - Six teenagers, six powers, one dark lord.

Tea & Poison - A mystery set in Victorian times, who did it?

Emeralds, Sapphires & Diamonds - Two castaways, one island

Mine It Out - A Mine-Craft Fan Fiction, including pictures

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