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Before you judge me let me just say a quote, "Don´t Judge A Book By It´s Cover" It means not to judge somebody on how they look or react to certain things, for example there could be a brilliant book that you love with only a bad-drawn doodle on the cover, or there could be a boring and dull book with an excellent cover - give the book a chance like your giving me a chance. Let me also say my avatar doesn´t belong to me, it came up on google when I searched "Awesome Bow & Arrow Background" So don´t go thinking I stole this picture because I simply borrowed it. I will be writing my own stories and other writings so don´t accuse me of copying anyone.

Anyway - I´m 10 years old, very young and I live in England with my parents (Karen & John) and my younger sister (Medlin) I enjoy reading and being cooped up in my bedroom, and I love pop music. I have three pets, "Angel" my old dog, she is very shy but protective, "Murphy" he´s my new pup, he´s playful, bold and very greedy and finally little "Teena - short for Teeni Tiny" she´s my hamster and she´s smaller than my thumb, she loves being outside and has been with us for two years now. My eyes are a pale icy blue colour, almost grey and my hair is dark blonde with lighter highlights, natural highlights - it runs in my family, and it´s free too!

I have six best friends, I don´t want to give out their real names so I will use their nicknames. "Amy - the leader and the softest." "Dan - the daredevil and the one who sticks up for us and plays pranks." "Jessie - second youngest, animal freak and protective." "Mark - the helpful one" "Adam - the youngest and stands up for people, stops us from fighting" and finally but not least, "Awesome Guy - the one who knows everything about video games, websites and the rest - funny, kind and caring but also stubborn at times." and me.. "Second in command, fiesty, makes new games"

Thank You For Reading My Profile,

Upcoming Books : Mine - Minecraft Fan-Fiction

Current Books : Forest - Creepy-Pasta Fan Fic

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