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Hi. As you know, im Sonia. Im still a young teen with a big imagination an creativity and let it out on my books. I only wrote one, but im planning to add more chapters to it and create TONS of book for you guys to enjoy! I thought it would spoil it, but, im going to put the books I plan to write:

~Not Too Far
~ First Comes Murder
~ If Only You Can Tell
~ Is It True?
~ Through That Smile
     Any many more. Im going to write all just for you guys. Ive always wanted to be an author tbh. Then comes Plan B...
~ Author
~ Detective (Homicide)
~ Murderer- I mean, Doctor (No, really a murderer c; )
~ Musician
~ Graphic Designer (Graffiti artist or Anime Drawer
     I guess Thats it. 
Well, if you need help (hiding a body), im always here to help out :3
I hope you all read my books and stay in touch with me to catch up on them! 
OH! I forgot!
If you guys want to give me some details or what I should write for a new chapter of the book, you can message me! Im always here to hear! (Heh, get it? No, ok. ;-; )

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