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Hello Everyone!

Hello my name is System here to amaze you

With my books and poems and drawings too

No mean comments or hate messages to me

You will find yourself made into human tea!

Hello Im System and Im new here - I will be writing books and poems and sometimes add my own drawings to them or they will be from google. You should know I stick up for myself so any mean comments or hate messages will be deleted, saved and you will get one back, treat people like you want to be treated. I have tried other websites and this is the best story writing one so far.  I wont tell you much about myself because 1, your complete strangers and 2, what if you dislike what I like? I will only comment/subscribe to GOOD books - and if I think your book is good and I havent then that is because :  Im a stupid lazy girl. I wont be online much either because of school, homework and more. My avatars and book covers will also be off the internet.  GTG now so bye!! 

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