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Introducing Unknown E

Hiya.  I´m Unknown E and I´m new here on this website - please no hate or mean comments because I want to make good friends with everyone here and I also want to read/write my own work and other peoples. Comment on my wall if you want to talk or tell me something (but nothing rude or personal) and yes - I will comment/subscribe to your book if requested. I hate swears/foul language so please don´t talk to me using that content - I know how to save messages/comments and I can send them to the admin.

Life Story :

I was born in -------- and then moved to a small town called ----- where I lived in a small one floored house which gave me a great view of the small town and beyond and also had lots of exciting places to play in. Only my neighbours lived up there and there were lots of fields, paths and other things to explore. When school started I first started The ----- nursery school then later moved to The -------- Primary School. I made my first friend ------- and we are still best friends now. I started exams earlier next year which will decide what High School we will go to - all my friends are doing it and my family are encouraging me.

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