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Hello my name is Secret and as a I type this from my laptop in my bedroom I am escaping from the world outside. I write books in my spare time and as I child I grew up without many kids near me so I made them up and wrote down stories about their adventures. I also write some poems which everybody in my class hates to make, I love writing poems and stories. At the moment Im doing really hard and boring exams so I wont be online much, I also have a twin and we both love fantasy. I make maps of our fantasy worlds we make and he colours them in and sticks them in our special book. If you dont want to call me secret then call me E, it is a small nickname hiding my real identity. To read most of my books you will need imagination and maybe a dictionary if your under the age of 8. 

I have no toys, I only have books, drawing stuff and my special laptop as well as my 42 inch plasma T.V. Im somebody you dont want to mess with my twin signed up and Im going to look out for him as he will look out for me. I also have a youtube channel and a website but the links are private. I didnt sign up to make friends but I signed up to write stuff so for me and my twin we are out for now!

Favourite Book : Hetty Feather

Favourite Movie : Shrek The Second

Favourite Colour : Gold And Silver

Favourite Song : Happy, Part Of Me

My Twin Brother : Secret736

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