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Hello people who are stalking in this website (which I know you are). I assume that you had nothing else better to do but scrolling through the internet and laying your eyes on the screen. Yes, I know that there are stalkers in this site. And I also assume that you are laying your own eyes on your computer or laptop screen or whatever electronic device you use to scroll in this site, to hopefully Skullthink I will be a unintelligent person giving away my name, age, or where I live. I will however, will not give away my name, age, or a state or country. If you are looking and reading through your screen hopefully that I will say some things about me, was it necessary to know any details about me? W hy do you want to know some pointless topics such as favorite color, food, or many more? There is no point or reason why you want to know any of these. I mean, it isn´t necessary. I will NOT tell you my hobbies because I rather keep it ALL TO MYSELF AND NOT TELLING YOU ANY OF IT. I will not tell anyone about my private thoughts or what I am thinking. If you are scrolling though my profile hopefully I will tell you about pointless topics that mean nothing, stop reading all this because I will refuse to tell (Although, I will accept friend requests)- Shadowmaiden

Hopefully know you grow bored of reading my profile and I hopefully know that you still will stalk though websites.

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