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Chapter 12 - Mistrust
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When I wake up, there´s dust everywhere.

Dust in my hair, dust in my eyes, dust in my mouth.

I cough and spit and hack. "S-Scarlett? Bea? Char-" 

The memories of last night come flooding back, stirring my stomach sickeningly.

4 people gone, in one day.

Things are turning fast.

"It´s not fair." I blink away tears. My best friends. They were innocent.

I look around. The sun beats down cruelly on me, and for miles around there´s nothing but sandy desert. I´m lying exactly where I landed on the crevice last night. We must have all blacked out after the events.

"It´s...not fair!" I hiss, bringing my fist down angrily on the ground. Grumbles echo up from the crevice, groaning and creaking...and...


Cracks spread out from around the impact of my fist, creating triangulations all around me.

It´s crumbling...

The floor begins to give way, fast.

"GUYS! GET UP!" I shove everyone´s dormant body.

Scarlett and Bea begin to stir, but Chase is curled in an unwakeable ball.


He sits bolt upright, sees the danger fast and scoops up Bea, who´s still half asleep. He sprints away. "WHICH DIRECTION?"

"Left!" Scarlett says sleepily. "The note in the Subtle Knife said to not go Starboard, which is right. Follow the crows!" 

And, sure enough, to the left, crows fly in a direct ´V´ shape. I grab Scarlett´s wrist and leg it as fast as I can.


I feel my heels stepping on nothing. It´s right behind me.


-- to continue soon --

Table of contents:

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Storm Lonestar
nice book. Carry it on! Well done.
Updated 802 days ago
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