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Chapter 10 - Goodbye
Larimar | Published 1118 days ago

Fern dashed into the safety of her mossy den. She rushed down the dusty old tunnels she used to call home. Fern was being drawn to something but she didnt know what. The dust tickled her nose, and she felt the immense need to sneeze...and she did. It sent the dust into her eyes and she had to try and use her smell. But still, she was drawn to this object that was luring her deeper and deeper into the large confines that she used to know.

Finally, she could open her eyes. They glowed brightly, showing her a beautiful, green, illuminated path. Finally, her paws touched something that didnt feel like earth or stone. She could barely recognise it - but there it was, the Fox Crystal.

She picked it up in her jaws and hurried up the path that she had come down from. She sped up the tunnels, twisting dramatically at all the twist and bends until she reached the entrance. Finally she could really get started. She dashed like a streak of red to Snows old den. She found it, and sped down the tunnels too, until she found a blue thing. It was the Arctic Crystal.

Suddenly, Fern felt even more strongly pulled to a mysterious place. Suddenly the crystals fused and then disappeared suspiciously. Now Fern knew what was up. Anger burnt in her eyes like vicious flames.

She ran so quick, her paws felt like they were on fire, and the streak of red almost grew flames. Her paws carried her to where they needed to go, and the place stank of evil. "Dusk!" Fern spat the name like poison. A wolf slunk out of the shadows of the cave, yellow eyes almost smirking. "Greetings, Fern. We meet again." Dusk grinned.

"No we dont! I have come to finish this, once and for all!" Fern hissed. Dusk erupted into laughter. "You mean... kill me?" he chuckled. Fern narrowed her eyes. "Do you really think I meant to finish a game of chess?" she retorted. Dusk rolled around in even more laughter. "Of course not, but it sounds so...stupid!"

Fern summoned many vines, which burst from the ground and held Dusk up. "Same tactic, eh?" Dusk choked. Suddenly the vines were cut. Then Fern realised something. The Crystal appeared in her jaws. A beam shot out from it, glowing, zapping all of Dusks existence until all that was left was a few sparks.

Suddenly, the world was white and three figures appeared in front of Fern. She could recognise them - Cherry, Snow and...Holly? Tears ran from their eyes, glittering. "You finally stopped evils source forever.." Holly cried. Snow and Cherry exchanged crying glances. "Dusk cursed me so I could be affected more to fire than ever," Snow frowned. Cherry looked at her paws. "And he also cursed Sapphire, Ivorys mother, to go insane."

Fern looked at them, and her eyes glittered too. 

"Fern, you are the Spirit of Foxes."

Foxes can´t play chess, silly.

Table of contents:

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