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Chapter 9 - Prophecy
Larimar | Published 1360 days ago

How will Fern cope now that Snow is dead? The only thing she can do is move along and consult her parents...

Dark yawned. "Cherry, dont you miss our daughters?" he asked, stretching his weary paws. "Now that you mention it," Cherry replies tiredly, flicking her bushy tail. "I do miss them. So feisty.."

The two foxes came out of their underground den. The birds were chirruping, and everything was calm. Or was it? It was sinisterly quiet. The trees cast their shadows, and then they both remembered how scary a forest can be. Foes could lurk out of the shadows and swiftly end your life, or there could be quicksand! There is always a danger, so it is necessary to be aware...

Cherry crouched down, sniffing the air. There was a familiar scent in the air. Fern! Cherrys daughter came rushing toward her, showing no signs of being tired. Her face was anxious, and beads of sweat were rolling down her beautiful coat.

"Is something wrong?" Dark asked. That anxiousness and the sweat wasnt the weary kind. It was the fearful kind. "S-Snow... Shes.." the breaths could hardly escape Ferns jaws. "Snow is dead, isnt she?" asked Cherry. Why am I sounding so calm? Shouldnt I be anxious? Cherry thought. "Yes.. Its so hard to explain!" Fern cried, tears rolling down her cheek. This was obviously emotional for her. Dark and Cherry sat a silent vigil, making sure that their breaths were quick and silent.

Cherry sat up and rested her bushy tail on Ferns shoulders. "I understand, but we have to move on..." she sighed. Fern growled, fur bristling. "You sound like Snows death is nothing! Dont you have emotions?" Fern snarled. See, even my daughter thinks so. Brighten up!

The bushes rustled behind them. A white tiger pushed herself through. "Who are you?" Fern hissed. The tiger cleared her throat. "Im Ivory. And this is my forest." it growled. "Who decided that?" Fern asked calmly. No sooner than the words had come out of her mouth, the white tiger was wrapped in vines. "I see you are another one of those mutated beings," Ivory mewed. "But that doesnt stop me." The tiger moved her paw, and the vines broke their grip. "Mutated, huh? Never had an insult like that."

Ivory flicked her tail. "Take it as a compliment." she purred. The white tiger twitched her ear and turned around. She flicked out her paw. Cherry tilted her head sideways in confusion. Ivory leaned over and picked something up. A dead hare was in her jaws. "Good reflexes." Dark complimented.

A yowl came from nearby. "Gotta go." Ivory mewed, and sprinted away. Cherry stretched. Theyd have competition.

"You should leave," Cherry motioned to Fern. "Its dangerous." Fern stiffened. "Fine." she sniffed. Fern sulked away, following the path that led to the Tundra. Cherry looked at Dark. "Youve been silent." she sighed. Dark stretched. "Theres too much going on." he frowned.

Cherry fell into the shadows and followed Ivorys scent trail. Cherry twitched her ears. "Youve got fox all over you." "I ran into a ragtag bunch." "Did they retaliate?" "Sapphire stop the nonsense. Theyre foxes." "Listen to me, I am your mother." "Stop! Youve become crazy since we escaped the zoo!"

Zoo? What was a zoo? Cherry was confused, so she turned to leave. "Fox! Did you let them follow you?" "Of course not!" "Liar!" Cherry could hear the loud paw steps of a tiger. "If you, Ivory, are so scared to kill a weak fox, then I will!" Cherry stepped back. This would be scary. Cherrys blood started pulsing in her ears. Her fur bristled. Cherry reared up and clawed, raking the tigers stomach. All the strength of her bloodline flooded into her. "Beast!" she yowled as she tried to fight.

The weight of the tiger was too heavy, and she felt herself go limp. Her breath was fading. Her heartbeat was slowing down. It all went black. Cherry found herself covered in stars. "Cherry..." came a sigh, a wisp of breath. Cherry opened her eyes. She saw a familiar shape wrapped in stars stroll up to her.

"S-snow?" Cherry stuttered. The figure nodded. "You cant go back now, like me." Snow sighed. Cherry only noticed now that Snows eyes were all white, without pupils. "So, Im d-dead?" Cherry mustered enough energy to get the words out. "Yes," the figure frowned. Cherry dipped her head, and in return, Snow did too. She saw her family, grandparents - her whole bloodline once again. They all dipped their heads. "You cannot return there, you can only stay in The Realm of the Passed." one said. It had a graying muzzle and old, tired eyes.

Cherry sighed, accepting her fate. Her eyes went all white without pupils and she nuzzled Snow. "I guess my only option now is to just watch my loved ones," she sighed. Snow nodded. The Arctic fox flashed blue as a shooting star passed by.

"The ferns will drown in a torrent of endless dusk."

The tigers were from another thing I had written for school, which I believe was called "The Diamond Eyes". This was in Year 6, though. 

Table of contents:

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Is it just me or did you take a LOT out of the storyline? Great story tho. Maybe you could post the original, too?
Updated 814 days ago
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