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Chapter 7 - Vision
Larimar | Published 1360 days ago

Frost awoke. Suddenly, a vision appeared in front of her. It was a vision of a tree covered in frost, but suddenly, the frost turned to snow. "What can this mean?" Frost wondered. They didnt have any interpreters around, whatever that meant. Frost rushed out of the strong ice room and turned sharply, running into Ferns room.

"Ssshh!" Fern hissed. Frost slowly sneaked over to Fern, and then she knew exactly why shed suddenly hissed. A baby snow leopard. Snow. Isnt this much? Is everything in the world going to remind me of snow? Frost thought. Shed created the snow. But what could that mean? "Fern.. I had a vision." Frost panted. Fern glared at her. Her eyes read, Dont wake Wisp up! "Tell me about your vision, and why youre so shaken up." Fern yawned. Only now did Frost realize the tired wrinkles under her eyes.

"There, in front of me, was a beautiful tree, covered in sparkling frost. Suddenly, the frost on the tree, which was secretly eating away at the leaves, turned into snow." Frost explained. Fern looked at her knowingly. The wizard had given her a great power of wisdom after theyd defeated Frozen. "Well, your name is Frost. But your old name was Snow. Perhaps that was what the vision was suggesting?" Fern said wisely.

Frost shrugged. "Perhaps. You can go back to calling me Snow then." Snow sighed. Fern shrugged. "Now, if you mind.." Fern trailed off, looking at Snow with a knowing look. "What?" Snow whispered. Ferns eyes betrayed a hint of anger as she looked at the sleeping bundle. "Now do you understand?" Fern hissed under her breath.

"Yes, now I do. Ill go hunt." Snow muttered, padding out of Ferns room. Snow stretched. There was still a part of the dream that she didnt understand - the frost was eating away at the leaves, destroying them. What were the leaves? Was it someone? Or maybe her Tundra was killing the nature? Snow shook it off. "That cant be possible!" Snow hissed to herself.

Snow scrambled down the stairs. The more she did this, the more she dreaded it. When would this pampered life stop? She was an animal, not some human thing. Snow stepped out into the Tundra and looked at the palace she helped create. Sure it looked pretty, but Snow was no pampered kittypet creature. She liked to do things the natural way.

"Uhh Snow?" Fern blinked. Snow turned around, surprised. Why wasnt she taking care of Wisp? "Why are you out here?" Fern asked. Snow looked at the white, snowy ground beneath her paws. "I dont know.. We created this place to be a checkpoint for hungry, tired travellers, not to become pampered things!" Snow hissed, annoyed and urgent to get her point across.

Fern seemed ticked off. "I get it, but do you really want to do the hard job of creating a den that can accommodate me too?" Fern retorted. "Of course I can! Although the way you said it gave me the wrong picture.." Snow explained, trailing off at the end. "Well who cares? Show me how long it takes!" Fern muttered excitedly. Snow focused at a place where the ground rose a little higher than the rest. She used her powers to create a drill out of ice and create a den. "Your cue." Snow said smugly.

Fern squeezed into the den and created a cover of thick vines and moss. She also created some vines to line the entrance. "Done!" Fern smiled, also being smug for the sake of annoying Snow. Snow rolled her eyes and looked at the den. "Looks pretty good to me.." she muttered.

:T Fern is a medicine cat confirmed. 

Table of contents:

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