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Chapter 6 - Wisp
Larimar | Published 1360 days ago

Frost and Fern had endured much since Frozen’s reign of discord. “Fern, do you remember the moment Cerboreas came to us with the pack and explained everything to us?” Frost queried. “Of course..” Fern muttered. Some of the forest and tundra animals gathered around them. “Please explain!” The animals begged. “Well, apparently Frozen’s reign wasn’t small. She hypnotised people into belive she was good, then let go of the hypnotising and then tortured them. She would either banish them to the ‘Dark Side’ or use them as slaves. We’re lucky that Frost snapped out of it before Frozen made her.” Fern sighed. The story was a long one, but Fern had shortened it, leaving out some details.

Frost’s tail rested on Fern’s shoulder. “We should start.” Frost signalled, her breath billowing out in a tiny cloud of air. “Right. Together they used their magic to build a glorious ice castle, which rested on the border between Tundra and Forest. This castle wasn’t something humanised. There where no chairs or tables, and the stairs weren’t stairs at all, but rocks piled up. They even got Cerboreas to make a beacon of light which made was visible from anywhere. Back to the present, Cerboreas howled and all the Forest and Tundra animals gathered.

We announce the official opening of the Gathering Place!” All three announced. There would be tons of food, water to lap up and warmth. All the animals played their part. The best hunters caught the food, and intelligent animals found ways to bring water without powers. Anyone with a fire power made a fire which wouldn’t burn down the delicate ice castle. It was the best of the best, and Frozen’s castle couldn’t match the wondrous castle. Because this wasn’t made for greed or lies. This was made for the better of travellers from Forest and Tundra, to help warm them, feed them and hydrate them. The magic that could easily be seen in its structure was friendship.

Fern looked at Frost. They remembered the days of their pup-hood, and how vivid they were. With all the playtime and practising their powers.. Dark and Cherry were there too. Now, everything they knew had shattered into a million pieces, like ice, and there, all the past lay at their paws. “Let’s forget about it and go to sleep.” Frost yawned. The two foxes padded up to the ‘staircase’. They leaped from stone to stone, and found their rooms. “See you tomorrow in the morning.” Fern sighed. They padded into separate dens and found the moss they had put there, and a glowing orb. “What’s this?” Fern said, her voice filled with curiosity. A voice came out of the orb. “From the Wizard, your Snowy owl friend. When ever you need a different kind of magic, use this orb. It is indestructible, and is not accessible to everyone else. Use it wisely!” the voice said.

Interesting, huh.” Fern sighed. She lay down on the moss, and looked out of a bit of transparent ice that Frost had carefully designed for each room as a look-out. She saw something alarming. “Human, human!” the scout, another Snowy owl, called. Fern looked at the orb, willing for invisibility spell. She willed it to be on the castle, and everything in it. Something rushed into Fern’s room. It was a snow leopard cub. “What is your name?” Fern asked. “Uh..Wisp..” the cub shivered. Fern signalled to her to go to her moss. Wisp padded carefully to Fern’s moss, and settled in it. The cub looked comfortable.

Sshh..” Fern urged. “Be quiet.. Humans are dangerous.” Wisp settled down and went to sleep. It had been a long day, building the castle, making it feel and actually be accommodating. Fern´s muscles ached with exhaustion, and her chest heaved with it also. She dropped down next to Wisp, not caring whether she heard it or not. Her breathing eventually slowed and became rhythmic and she drifted off to sleep.

I have no idea about any of the origins here...

Table of contents:

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