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Chapter 5 - Alliance
Larimar | Published 1360 days ago

Fern couldnt stand it any longer. Frozen had to be stopped. Frost didnt seem to care about her anymore! Just before she met Frozen, Frost was Ferns best friend! Fern knew how to stop Frozen - a wizard. She knew how to find him. Wizards know all magic, and even some spells. They can give you magic for a short period, and it stops when you dont have a use for it.

Fern knew how to summon him. She sat down and was still for a very long period of time. Her fur waved in the wind while she sat there, doing nothing. Then she sensed a familiar presence. Only those true of heart can summon a Wizard. "Greetings, Fern. I sense you need some help, and I will give you every power to stop this beast you are following." the Wizard said. Fern started to glow, and the Wizard disappeared.

She knew an easy way to do this. She used an invisibility power, and then she used speed. She rushed with immense speed up to a mound of snow. She could see something ahead of her. It was Frozen. And Frost. Fern took away her invisibility and then leapt in front of the two canines. Ferns paws started glowing red, and a line of fire in between Frozen and Frost appeared. "Stay away from Frozen!" Fern screeched.

"Are you crazy, Fern? Shes my best friend, better than you ever were!" Frost rebelled. The Arctic fox froze it and rammed into the ice. The ice shattered, but Fern knew that was not how it worked. The fire started again, and Fern directed it to Frozen. Fern summoned all the offensive spells and magic, and it burst out into a single, rainbow ball of light. It shot into Frozen, and the Arctic wolf fell down.

The strange wolf, Cerboreas appeared. Frozen stood up and started growing until it was unnatural. It was as big as three normal foxes like Fern stacked on top of each other! Frozen was now a giant blue Arctic wolf with a black undercoat and flaming red eyes.

"Oh Fern, you were right! I cant believe I didnt notice her name!" Frost sighed. Then she knew what to do. They could speak Fox. "Distract her while I try and destroy her!" Fern said, although no one else at the scene except Frost understood. Frost ran up to Frozen and bit her back, clinging onto it. "Foolish fox!" the evil wolf roared.

Meanwhile, Fern tried to channel all her energy into one energy ball, that would destroy Frozen. They could not risk having a wolf that practised the art of deception daily, and who mislead others. Frost was doing a good job. Frozen was bleeding on her back. Frost leapt off the Arctic wolfs back and started raking her exposed stomach with her claws. Frozen dropped onto her back and bit into Frosts scruff, flinging her off.

Fern was getting tired. This was risky. She could kill herself if this went wrong. If only some old friends could help.. Somewhere, two foxes saw a hologram appear in front of them. Fern was in her hologram, and they could see her straining herself and sweating, pouring her energy into a rainbow-coloured ball. "Dark, we have to help her!" Cherry said, her eyes glittering anxiously. Dark nodded, and they leapt into the hologram, which also served as a portal.

They found themselves next to Fern,and Dark, the stronger of the two, stood up and started giving his energy to Fern. They were sweating, and almost falling onto the ground. "Thats enough Fern! Send it off!" Cherry ordered. Fern stopped putting energy into the ball, and then she stood up weakly. "You thought you could deceive us? Well youll have to pay the price. And pay the price you will!" she screeched, sending off the immensely powerful energy ball off to Frozen. It touched the wolf in the heart, where it would inflict the most damage.

The Arctic wolf fell down, dead. Cerboreas dipped his head to Fern, Frost, Cherry and Dark. "Thank you for freeing me from my prison, for freeing all of us. Frozen mistreated us all, and I will repay you however you like, as our thanks." Cerboreas whined. Fern felt pity for the wolf. "Ive made my decision. Cerboreas, you can become our ally, our companion, and you can journey with us. Your whole pack can, and we will fight for good, and we promise that we wont mistreat you." Fern announced. Cerboreas nodded. "Yes. I will bring the entire pack." he barked, and he ran off to find them.

"Fern, we have to go too. We only came to help you in your time of need, and were sure it will come again. But for now, you dont need us." Cherry frowned. "But mother! Weve not seen each other for many years! You cant leave us like this!" Frost pleaded. "Listen. Were getting frail and old. Were not as healthy or strong as we used to be. We are doing this for the better." Dark said firmly, and the two foxes started fading away. "No!" both Fern and Frost cried, and they fell down, sobbing. 

No idea where I was going with this. It feels like some weird anime plot, to be completely honest, 

Table of contents:

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