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Chapter 3 - Frozen
Larimar | Published 1444 days ago

Snow strolled through the freshly fallen snow. She looked over to the line of green, which to her was the forest. She started padding up to it, bored, all of her companions at home or with their friends, and when Snow had no one to talk to, she had nothing to do. Suddenly, an Arctic wolf blocked her way. "Who are you?" Snow asked, tilting her head. The Arctic Wolf growled. "I am Frozen. Some call me the Ice Devil." the wolf said, a smirk catching Snows eye in the bad way.

Snow was starting to get sick of her name.. As she thought of a new name for herself, she gained confidence, and she knew that the truth would be better. "My name is Frost! I created this place! Although before I was known as Snow." Frost boasts. The Ice Devil looked suspicious.

"Well then, you can come to my place." Frozen whispered. Frost followed her, and the was amazed at what she saw. A giant palace, made out of ice. It shone extremely bright, and Arctic wolves guarded it. "So.. Frost, what do you think?" Frozen asked, her eyes glimmering. Frost looked at the wolf. "I dont know... maybe I should go see Fern-" Frost said, cutting off when Frozen started staring at her. "No, come see my palace! We have everything here!" the Ice Devil chuckled.

Snow sighed. "Except my friends.." Frozen saw this, and everything flashed. "We have absolutely everything here." she said firmly. Frost shrugged and padded on in. A strange-looking wolf ran in front of Frost and blocked her. "Cerboreas, she is welcome!" Frozen commanded, and the wolf backed away. "He is the representative of the North. His name comes from the Aurora Borealis." Frozen explained.

Frost and her new companion padded into the glittering palace. There were snow carpets and everything. "Wow, this place is amazing!" Frost wondered. Frozen smirked. "Of course, because I created it. Dont worry, well be the best of friends." Frozen chuckled. Something about the word friends caught Frost. She stopped in her tracks, and for a sole second, her eyes glittered like diamonds, and then she seemed normal again.

"Yeah, Im pretty sure of that!" Frost smiled. They looked at each other. Then some Arctic foxes appeared. They shimmered like ice, but they still seemed normal other than that. "Weve heard about you for so long Snow!" one of them squealed excitedly. "Shes not Snow any more, shes Frost!" Frozen corrected. "Yeah." Frost glared.

There was a certain red fox outside. "Something is not right.." Fern sighed.

This was inspired by a cyberbully that I was up against at the time that I was writing this StoriesCity version. The cyberbully went by Frozen and at the time I was unaware of the movie Frozen even existing as I wasn´t really in the loop. 

Table of contents:

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You copied the frozen movie and even its name.
Updated 1145 days ago
i haven´t read it all, BUT ITS AWESOME SO FAR I EVEN BOOKMARKED IT!!!!
Updated 1427 days ago
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