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Chapter 10 - Dont Go
DELETEDACCOUNT | Published 1475 days ago

I didnt want to carry on.

I was sick of this new, cruel life- throwing up every few seconds, cold rain, marshy ground.

We walk on ahead, leaving our underground hole behind. The ground sinks below my feet with every step I take, my toes surely icicles at this point.

"I think were nearly there," Ryder says brightly.

I didnt care.

I had lost my best friend to insanity.

And the worst part was not knowing what had happened to her.

Even though I still cared strongly for her, I was always cautious in case she was behind me.

I V E    R A N    O U T    O F    R E D !

I shudder. Ryder wraps his jacket around me, even though my waist-up was burning up so much I was afraid Id burst.

"Civilization!" Ryder says, thrusting his arms in the air. A small tuck shop sits in front of us.

"Wed better get some food. Im sick of dried apricot."

We swing the door open. A bell tingles and a cozy room greets us- a fire roars to the left, plush sofas to the right, and a counter bearing shelves and shelves of food and bottles in front. The Capitol had colour and emotion, and since we were nearing it, this place has it as well.

"Hello?" Ryder asks. "Wed like to buy some food."

No answer.

I hear faint shouting and screams of protest, but I ignore them as another figment of my imagination.

Staff Only, a door reads.

"Should we check in there?" I ask Ryder. He nods in agreement.

We shuffle in, and a horrid sight greets us.

"Aurora?!" I croak.

Sure enough, Aurora sits bound with rope to a chair, struggling and screaming at the man in front of her. He has a cap and name badge, and is holding a rifle up at her, hands shaking.

Her gashes look as raw as ever, but she had regained some colour in her cheeks, her eyes more human.

"Aurora, its yo-" Ryder clamps a hand over my mouth.

"This girl, shes a Sanroke one!" the man with the gun spits. "I dont know how she got out, but shes got the accent an all!"

"Mackenzie...!!" she breathes, rocking in her chair.

"Sir, this is a misunderstanding," Ryder says in some form of phoney British accent. "This girl got into a fight with some geezer; he ripped her to bits e did. Also damaged er voicebox, thats why she sounds all Sanroke-type, sir."

The man seemed to not be the brightest of people, and believed this for a second. But then he sees our black and white uniform clothing, and narrows his eyes.

"No!!! Youre Sanrokes, the whole lot of you! Well, Ill murder you all, I will!"

His finger fumbles the trigger, aiming at Aurora.

"NO!" I scream, and dart forward. He pulls the trigger. I catch the neck of the gun, and thrust it up toward the ceiling. It shoots the light hanging down.

"You son of a bitch!" he roars, blindly shooting toward me.

He knees me in the stomach, and kicks me into the corner of the room.

"Bleeding Sanrokes," he grumbles, aiming the gun at me. Ryder tries to intervene, but he knocks him unconscious with the gun. "Youre screwed now." 

He places his finger over the trigger.

I close my eyes and wait for the blow.

And wait.

I hear the bang of gunfire, and scrunch my face up, welcoming death.

But he never comes.

I peer through my eyelashes, and see an empty chair in the other corner.

Ropes strewn across the ground.

The silhouette of a girl in front of me.

She turns, and stares at me with wide eyes. 

"Mackenzie, Im so sor-" she crumples to the ground.

"Aurora?!" I shake her body, her face pale and lifeless, eyes rolled back into her head.

A gaping hole in her chest.

"YOU BASTARD!" I slap the man hard on the cheek, and snatch the gun angrily from his hands. I hear Ryder begin to stir.

I waste no time in trying to pull the trigger, but the shells mustve been jammed, because it doesnt work. Instead, I hurl it at the man and kneel down beside Aurora, weeping over her body.

I dont accept this.

She isnt gone.

I shove several food and drink items into my bag without paying, stroke Auroras face one last time and leave wordlessly with Ryder.

My legs feel like jelly, and Im barely awake.

Why would I want to live anymore, anyway?

My two best friends are dead, and I nearly am as well.

I wish I would just die.

Table of contents:

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Oh... my... god...
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Updated 1471 days ago
You could change "prick" to "bastard" for more effect, just my opinion
Updated 1474 days ago
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