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Chapter 11 - Losing Him
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I march ahead of everyone else, desperate to get away from the forest.

Away from Wolfie. best friend...I was sure she would be happier there, blindly living a life in which she forgot about me; about us all.

"Next is Searing Crevice," I say harshly. "I hope everyones got full bottles, because were not turning back."

I study the map, a headache pounding in my temples.

Searing Crevice isnt too far.

We could make it to Kyras within the day if we really worked.

"Im not going to ask if youre okay," Felix says quietly. "Because that would be a stupid question."

I walk silently beside him.

"So what should I ask you?" he says.

"Ask me something...about me." I say in a dull voice. We begin to walk on orange, powdery ground as we enter the desert area.

"Okay...whats your favourite colour?" he tries.

I turn to face him, still walking.


"Like our ties back at Skothamors?" he asks.

"No. More like a calm sort of red. Not quite pink, but...sunset red."
"Hmm. Mines green. Mint green."

"I have green eyes," I say, desperate to add something more to the conversation.

"Wow, I never noticed that," he says sarcastically, smiling.

I smile back. The rest of the walk till the sun begins to set is in silence, but comfortable silence. Not the awkward kind.

My legs begin to ache, my knees buckling every so often.

"Are we nearly there?" Celeste grumbles.

The night sets in, the full moon casting a dimmed aura of white on the flat desert.

"Its ten past nine," I say, checking my wrist watch.

"Ten minutes off schedule," Charmaine grumbles.

"Were here!" Felix whoops.

And, sure enough, about twenty feet ahead of us was the Searing Crevice- a massive gorge in the land, a crack carved in the ground- and insanely deep.

"And how the H are we gonna get over that?" I groan. "I mean...Felix, you can jump, it, right?"

He laughs. "I´m flattered! Look, Scarlett, I´m good, but not that good."

"Well, we´re going to have to jump. My Pet Caller device thingy is out of juice, so no giant eagle things or whatever." I kick the dusty ground, and step back a few paces. 

"Be careful." Felix touches my shoulder. I nod.

My heart hammers in my chest, and the contents of my stomach is rising up to the back of my throat. 

I´m running.


I´m leaping.

I look up. The sky is calm, and stars are twinkling jovially. Clouds drape everything in a mysterious aura. Crisp wind combs through my hair in soothing fingers. 

I´m airborne.

Catching me off guard, my stomach slams into the edge of the other side, banging my chin against the ground.

Paralyzed with shock for a brief moment, I quickly scramble onto the firm ground, wheezing, spitting out pools of sandy saliva.

"I...I made it!" I cough, sprawled on the ground.

"Good one!" Asher shouts from the other side. "Felix, you go next."

Charmaine is completely silent.

"I´m coming..." he runs and leaps excellently over the crevice, both feet landing firmly on the ground.

"Whatever happened to ´not that good´?" I smirk.

"I guess I am just that good." he sticks his tongue out at me. "Here." he tosses me something cold. I fumble it.

"A lighter?"

"Well, it´s getting pretty dark out."


A crow was engraved on the metal casing. I slip it into my pocket.

Chase jumps the crevice with no fault, along with Bea. Soon, it was just Asher and Charmaine on the other side.

"Let´s jump together!" Asher suggests. Charmaine gulps and nods.

"3...2...1..." They run hand in hand to the edge. "Jump!"

It was obvious something was wrong the moment their feet left the ground.

Asher gives an impressive leap, but he´s anchored back by Charmaine´s arm. She had stopped directly at the edge.

She tumbles over, pulled by Asher.


They´re only centimeters from the wall of the crevice. Asher tries to grab for a tree root that had grown out of the ground, but it was in vain.

He was inches away before they really started to plummet.

"NO! NO!" I look over the edge, but only the darkness of the bottom welcomes me. "Oh, god...oh god, why?!" I collapse into Felix´s shoulder. He doesn´t hold me. he´s frozen and limp in shock. Bea is weeping. Chase is speechless.

We are a wreck, and we probably won´t make it past tonight.


Table of contents:

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Hunger games much, katniss loves green and peeta loves subset orange ^^ oh, gosh I love that book... And this one too OwO
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