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Chapter 2 - Chapter One
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Chapter One
         I sit by the cliff, listening to the waves beating against the shore. I let out a long sigh, and I wonder if I can ever let myself live to see it again. It had been yet another hard day at school. Teased, bullied, beat up. Oh right, stupid me. The names Echo. Echo Silverstream. Part of the reasons why Im teased is because of my name. ECHO...ECho...Echo...echo.... Ha ha, very funny; funny my ass. Thats why Im sitting on the cliff. The cliff was always my favorite spot. Alone, isolated.

        My blonde hair billows in the wind. My school uniform is rumpled and dirty from being bullied. There is still a visible splotch of hastily wiped ketchup on my shirt. Just thinking about what had happened today makes me feel worse.


         I walked to the cafeteria, surprised that I was having a good day. This is where I messed up. There are no good days in my life. I should have known something would come barreling toward me sooner or later.

        As I finished buying my lunch and walked to my usual lunch table (in the very back, at the very corner), Isobel Sweetling and her group glared down at me. "Oh, if it isnt ECHO," Isobel sneered. She tripped me, and I fell face-first into my lunch. Heat rushing to my face, I wiped off as much of the mess I could with a napkin. I tried to get up and run, but Isobel grabbed the collar of my shirt. "Nuh-uh, darling, youre not going anywhere," she trilled, placing a finger with long, talon-like nails painted pink under my chin. "Lets wash you up... IN THE TOILET!" Shrieking with laughter, Isobel and her rich-girls-only gang dragged me to the bathroom and dunked my head in a toilet. Five times. Just as I felt like I would have drowned, the bell rang and they ran off, laughing and hi-fiving each other.

       I knelt on the cold tile floor, coughing and retching toilet water. My hair was damp, and my uniform was ruined. Fighting back tears, I rushed to math, only to find out that I was late, and that I had failed my test. The rest of my classes were more or less the same. Finally, school ended, and just as I was rushing to the orphanage, I felt cold, smooth hands wrap slowly around my neck. I looked down and saw the hot pink nail polish on the nails (gross) and realized it was Isobel. "Just a second, ECHO," she drawled. Then the gang started to punch me, beat me, scratch me. I was bruised and battered, bleeding, dirty, and miserable. "Come on, honeys! Lets go now!" I glared at the fading figures of Isobel and her gang as they sashayed away, hips swaying, mouths laughing. I hated their laughs. They were high-pitched, girly, and most of all, false and cruel. I closed my eyes. Salt water streamed out of my eyes burned tracks into my cheeks. A sob longed to be ripped from my chest and spring out of my mouth. It made its way up my throat, where I choked it back down. Unsteadily, I stood up and walked home to the orphanage, slowly, defeatedly.
I have to die, I thought. I have to die.

~~End of Flashback~~

One single salty track streams down a porcelain surface. I cant take this anymore, I just cant. Slowly, I get up and walk to the edge of the cliff. I close my eyes, open up my arms, and an odd feeling of calm washed over me. I am sure I want this. Rummaging through my pocket, I draw out the kitchen knife I had knicked from the orphanage during dinner last night. The blade gleamed, drawing me to it. I take a deep breath and stab myself.

         I don´t feel my body fall.

Table of contents:

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Potato lola mustache sooooooooooooo fabb :3
Dang this book is good, I´ll subscribe anyways even though your leaving sc.
Updated 1253 days ago
Sarcasm Deactivated
Haha, glad I conveyed the feels pretty well. :P
Updated 1311 days ago
omg i feel SOOOOOOOO sorry for them!!! not isabel though I HOPE SHE DIES!!!!!!!!!!! ^~^ WAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Updated 1359 days ago
Sarcasm Deactivated
@Sierra Sorry for the late reply. ^^´´ DEM FEELZ
Updated 1362 days ago
Updated 1460 days ago
Sarcasm Deactivated
@Pie_Is_Life .... like, the cat? what are you talking ´bout?
Updated 1475 days ago
Updated 1504 days ago
Sarcasm Deactivated
yeah, i know....
Updated 1589 days ago
Nuu Echo dun do it! It´s not worth it!
Updated 1589 days ago
Sarcasm Deactivated
thanks!! and i know right, ppl like Isobel make my blood boil.
Updated 1589 days ago
ppl like Isobel get me so mad! I just wanna- ehhe, you dun wanna know... awesome so far! love how your writing makes me feel the same way as the character!... if shes mad...
Updated 1589 days ago
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