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Chapter 6 - Numbered Days
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Hasty goodbyes are not my sort of thing.

I much prefer a prolonged farewell, reflecting upon my years here, rebelling against the Capitol by hugging, hand-shaking.

I wouldt go as far as to kiss someone, though.

I turn away from Luka and walk at a searing pace down the barren landscape, back hunched and low.

The security light pierces everything in its 360 degree rotation.

I kick myself for having the heart to turn around to see the others.

They had already taken off down their route.

My stomach churns, weak with nausea.

The light begins to approach us.

"Quick," I say, pushing the others behind a nearby boulder.

I dive behind before the light slowly envelops everything around us.

I know in the security tower that houses the lights, theres 24 hour surveillance, looking for people who are running away.

Fortunately, everyone knows that about once a week, the watchdog always falls asleep around nine oclock.

It was nine fifteen at that moment.

The question was, was it the right day?

"Do you think hes asleep?" I whisper to Ryder.

"Not sure," he replies. "Cant tell."

"He might be, considering we sort of raided the kitchens and left un-noticed," Octavia notes.

"Okay, then," I say in a hushed tone. "Should we risk making a break for it?"

The light slowly moves half-way to our positions.

About 100 meters to the right, theres a large stone wall which blocks of a dense forest- our route. Apparently, the forest is ten miles long, and exits into the Capitol.

"After three," Ryder says. "One."

The light slowly creaks nearer on the watchtower. 


My palms grow sweaty.

"Three! Go!" Aurora hisses, darting from behind the boulder, scrambling down the side of the barren hill, towards the dull forest.

I hoist my satchel higher on my shoulder and stumble after her.

Ryder streaks ahead.

I never really was too fast, and these worn old shoes weren´t helping.

I trip aimlessly for what feels eternally, nearer and nearer to the forest that was almost swallowed by the inky night. I see the faint shapes of Aurora and Ryder ahead of me.

"Octavia?" I whisper mainly to myself.

I look around.

A heavy fog had settled, obscuring my vision.

"Octavia!" I whisper-shout.

I hear her before I see her.

Whimpers of fear.

Her silhouette, limbs flailing wildly, stumbles towards me.

"Tavie? What´s wrong?"
"Don´t stop," she gasps. She trips past me, her silvery hair whipping in curls behind her, clawing my arm and dragging me along.

Only then do I realize.

The watchtower light is only centimeters from her ankles.

Table of contents:

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Updated 897 days ago
some hyphens could be added. ;)
Updated 1272 days ago
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Faith Hope
This is one of my fave books EVER!!!
Updated 1375 days ago
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