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Chapter 2 -
Thotnos | Published 20 days ago

Steve Rogers, the brave, bold, and patriotic Captain America. Behind closed doors, or with the Avengers, he´s a man who just wants to find anything from his past. And Tony has his solution.

"You have a great-granddaughter."

Those five words turned Steve´s world upside down.

"H-how?" He asked.

"You impregnated Peggy before you crashed into the ice. She had twins, Marie Rogers and Lila Rogers. Marie married a man named Josh Cocke and Lila married a man named Jason Miller. Marie and Josh had five kids. For an unknown reason, they abandoned them and fled the country. Lila and Jason took in the five, taking care of them. They took care of them and their own kid, Aria Miller. Lila died from illness. Maria and Josh´s kids all died during the Battle of New York, crushed by a building. Jason died in a car crash two weeks ago. Aria is in an orphanage, you are her last living relative." Tony explained.


Aria was told by the headmistress that she had a long lost great grandpa. She didn´t care, this man was most likely going to meet her and never speak with her again, she was just too broken.

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