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Chapter 2 - School...
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As I woke up, I was still worrying about the cancer. Has mom told dad yet?  Did dad already know? Could I DIE? Questions were flowing over my mind in a circuit. Heck, my mom thought I was stressing too much. I´M the one stressing? My mother went to sleep at 1:00 AM! I slept earlier, because I cried myself to sleep. Oh crap! I have school today. I rushed out of my bed, but then froze. What if people will judge me because of my cancer.. They´ll call me a freak.. A nonsense and blob of blonde and stupidity. That´s when the idea came in my brain. Of course! I don´t HAVE to tell them I have cancer. The only way they will find out, is by my mom. And, I know, for a FACT, my mother won´t tell anybody... Wait. What about Jeffrey and Charlotte. I mean, they are my best friends. I´ve known Jeffrey longer, so should I just tell him? No! Charlotte was just 1 month later. On second thought, I´ll tell nobody! Heh.. Oh yeah! School. I quickly checked my phone. Seriously? 60 degrees? I quickly found some black shorts, and I grabbed my favorite white and black shirt that said; Flawless. Well, a girl with cancer can´t be flawless. I put those clothes on and wrapped a flannel red and black around my waist. I look cool, I look.. Popular and normal. I looked like a girl without cancer. A perfect one. I brushed my hair. I had some tangles, and god they hurt. Some hair came out, but I assumed that was normal.. Right? I added highlights, so my tips were blonde. Not my whole hair. But not just my tips, just like half of all my straight hair. God!! Why did I have to have cancer? I went downstairs. Mother cooked eggs and pancakes. They took the furious and sorrowful feelings out of me. I brushed my teeth, and checked the time. It was 5:56. I ride the bus and the bus goes by at 6:00. So, better to go early then late. I left, hugged my mom and patted my dad´s elbow. He was sleeping, and snoring. Of course. While I was waiting, I searched up the medicines for cancer. I-I-I was in pain. The eggs and pancakes took just a bit of sorrow from me. Maybe not even a bit. Maybe not at all. Bus came by. I sat in seat 8. As soon as I arrived to high school, I went to my locker and wasted no time. I heard whispers when I went to classroom. That has never happened before. Then, somebody asked in a yell. "Hey! Ella! You look so good and pretty. Be my babe?" I gagged. "Hell no, sorry." Everybody laughed and pointed at the boy. Who cares about love? I love rock music, tv, and dance. Also, basketball. Learning that I had cancer, I realized I couldn´t do any except TV and listen to rock. The teacher came in. "Today, you all have a paper on your desk-" Somebody interrupted the teacher. "IS IT ABOUT YANNY OR LAUREL?" Everybody, including me bursted out in giggles. The teacher gave a smile as well. "No, but close. Today, we are learning about math illusions." And the teacher went on, and on and we did our paper. "Cancer is in math?" Somebody asked. I gulped. The word cancer, is not my friend nor my ally.

Free period! I talked to Charlotte and Jeffrey. "Hey guys!" Charlotte jaw dropped. "That outfit is so flawless and perfect. Like you!" I smiled. "I´m not perfect, see I have can-" I paused. "I have cans with socks in them.." I embarrassed my self, to not get embarrassed. Huh. Jeffery smiled. "tell her! Tell her!" I heard Charlotte whisper. "Ella.. I am celebrating my birthday at the Club Nation Party." Oh no.. With cancer, I guess I could shake my hips. Not exactly dance, though. "We will see. Bye guys, love you both.." I walked away in silence. My best friends shrugged. Jeffery seemed confused. I feel bad, just walking away and saying We will See. I bumped into somebody. They patted my head, but why? "I know your secret, and boy I will tell everybody if you don´t give me 1 million bucks. Now, shut it and don´t tell anybody about what I said." He grabbed me real close. "Or else." He grabbed me closer, like a romantic kiss in a movie. But the truth, it wasn´t romantic at all. It was a threat. And I know, Charlotte and Jeffery saw it. I just know.

Table of contents:

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