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Chapter 3 - Julia the Bitch
TheGreatReagan13 | Published 256 days ago

I finished my bagel and threw the wrapper in the trash can in front of the school. I looked at my schedule and saw I was in room 182 for the first period. I am in Junior year. I went upstairs and made my way into the room. I saw that it was almost full. I gasped when I saw Jane and Henry in the back. They are my best friends and we haven´t been in the same class in years. They ushed for me to sit in the third seat. We have a couple of desks with three eats each.

Jane has tan skin, brown eyes, and black hair. He original hair color is brown. Henry has tan skin, one brown eye and one blue eye, and brown hair. They are both from America and moved here during middle school.

"Girl! Look at my nails." Henry said. He showed me his nails, which were painted blue with sparkles.

"That´s the gayest thing you´ve ever done. And you let David fuck you." I said. Jane burst out laughing.

"I regret letting you sit here." Henry mumbled.

"Oh, you know I´m joking." I reassured. "Where is David?´ I asked.

"He´s in a different class this year." Henry replied and acted like it was the worst thing in the world.

The door opened and I scowled. SHE was here. Julia Thomas was in our class this year. Her mom, Lila Tomas, is a model for Gabriel Agreste and is a famous singer, songwriter, and author. Her dad, Jason Tomas, was a famous actor and producer. Needless to say, she was a spoiled girl who got whatever she wanted. Kind of like Chloe, but worse.

Julia strutted in like he owned the place. "Adeline Agreste." Julia said loudly. I knew she was trying to piss me off. 

"It´s Adeline Bourgeois now." I corrected.

"You´re just mad because daddy never loved you and mama is gone. Oh wait, he´s not your real dad. Your real dad is a criminal and probably never loved you either. I bet the mayor just feels bad for you." Julia teased me.

I growled and stood up. Before I could do something our teacher entered the room. Julia smirked and sat down in the front. I sat down and crossed my arms. Why does she always have to win?

Table of contents:

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