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Chapter 2 - Walking to School
TheGreatReagan13 | Published 256 days ago

Addie´s Room:


Addie´s POV


My alarm went off and I groaned. I don´t want to go to school today. It´s a Monday AND the first day of school, which makes the day just crap. I yawned and got out of bed. Dad would kill me if I didn´t get to school. Right, I said dad. Not six months after he took me in, Andre adopted me. Of course, he had to get the consent of Gabriel since he still technically had custody of me. But Gabriel gave me up as quick as he could. I mean, I get that I´m a reminder of his wife´s rape but he doesn´t have to be so cold.

I stripped down to my underwear and bra and pucked some clothes. Today I decided to go with some regular skinny jeans and a black v-neck with some black converse. I like to keep my outfits simple. Unlike Chloe, who likes all designer clothes she can get. When dad first adopted me, Chloe was really jealous all the time. But after a while, she warmed up to me. 

I grabbed my backpack and went downstairs. I saw Chloe and dad. "You want a ride to school? I called a driver." dad asked.

"Nah, I want to walk." I replied.

"Okay." dad said. 

I went outside and I instantly regretted wearing pants. I should have remembered that it was still the middle of summer. I sighed and made my way to school. I´m kind of hungry. I think Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie is across the street from the school. I looked at my phone. It was only 6. I have time. I stopped at the crosswalk and waited. I saw an old man about to get hit. Nobody else was gonna help him. I pulled him out of the way just in time.

"Thank you young lady." the man said.

"Anything to help another person." I said. I love helping people.  

The old man started walking away. "Have a good day." he said.

"You too." I called out. What a nice man.

I crossed the street and made it to Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie. I entered and the smell of baked goods slapped me in the face. A woman with dark blue hair in a bob greeted me. 

"Hello, what would you like?" the woman asked. I guess that she is Sabine. I mean, I have never met a woman named Tom.

What do I want? I skimmed the menu and saw they had bagels. "I´ll take a bagel." I replied. The woman nodded and went to the back.

I saw a girl who looked thirteen with dark blue hair in pigtails walking down the stairs. She was still in her pajamas. She didn´t seem to notice me. I got my bagel and paid for it and made my way to school.

Table of contents:

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