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Chapter 2 - learning and doing mistakes
MissElla | Published 176 days ago

As I grew people admired my black curly hair finally My dad came to see me  I could see gentleness in his eyes I had the same features like him. The same eye color, which is blue and the same nose but then he left again. Was My dad Leaving me and mother for good? This Led to my mother being depressed she vowed to take care of me and give me health insurance. Which my Father wouldn´t get it for me Because he would hang out with his friends all the time and do certain things which were not right he wouldn´t be there for me which was very hard. My mom got fired and it was very hard but we still managed to survive all this living hell. My grandmother helped my mom and I went to school. As I began school I met my friend Emily and Rachel we were best friends we didn´t know math that well we also had to go to a tutor for help everything about me Emily and Rachel were the same.

Table of contents:

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