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Chapter 7 - Stormy Weather
FantasyFreak | Published 187 days ago

Arianna learned that while she was sick Adrien was able to go to school. And since it was a Saturday, Arianna dragged Nathaniel to the park. She said that he was "always cooped up in his room and needed some sun". Of course, her brother was doing a photo shoot.

Arianna would never admit it, but she had a crush on Nathaniel. "There are too many people here." Nathaniel said quietly.

"Lets go get some ice cream then. Andre is at the Port des Art bridge." Arianna suggested.

"Okay." Nathaniel agreed. Before the two could walk away they heard a scream. Arianna whipped her head around and saw a girl who looked like she was akumatized.

"Run!" she shouted. Arianna grabbed Nathaniels hand and pulled him behind a tree. "Stay here." she commanded.

"Okay." Nathaniel complied. Arianna ran away.

"What should I do?" Arianna asked Askka, who was in her purse.

"Transform!" Askka replied.

"But I dont fight akumas." Arianna said.

"But you do save people. Save civilians, make sure nobody gets hurt." Askka said. Arianna nodded.

"Askka, paws on!" Arianna said. 

Askka was sucked into her choker. Ears appeared on Ariannas head and her tail grew. Her eyes turned brown and a black mask covered her face. Her super suit replaced her normal clothes.

Canine ran to the park, seeing Stormy Weather about to freeze someone. Canine grabbed the two adults and pulled them out of the way. Stormy Weather growled and made her way out of the park.

Canine started running through the city, saving people about to be frozen in ice. She looked up and saw that the sky was grey and it was snowing. Canine saw Stormy Weather about to freeze a child and her mother. She was too late and the two were frozen.

"Strength on!" Canine said. 

Canine punched the ice and the mother and daughter were free. The mother ran away, her daughter in her arms. Just then, the sky cleared. Canine saw ladybugs flying and fixing all the chaos. Her miraculous beeped and the body of the dog on her charm disappeared.

Canine made her way to an alley and de-transformed. "I need some strawberries." Askka whined. 

"I know, Ill get you some on the way to Andres with Nathaniel." Arianna said.


Andre scooped up some strawberry ice cream. "Red like his hair-" he started. Then he grabbed a scoop of blue ice cream. "And blue like his eyes." Andre finished. Arianna smiled.

Nathaniel was waiting for his ice cream. He scooped up some chocolate ice cream. "Brown like her hair-" he started. He grabbed a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream. "And green like her eyes." Andre finished.

Nathaniel and Arianna ate their ice cream together.

Table of contents:

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