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Chapter 5 - Not An Akuma Fighter
FantasyFreak | Published 286 days ago

If Arianna is in Canine form I will refer to her as Canine as to not bring confusion



Canine looked at herself in the mirror. Her green eyes were now brown she had dog ears and a tail. Her face was covered by a black mask. "I look just like a canine...." she mumbled.

"Canine! Thats my name." Canine cheered. She opened her window and jumped down, she wasnt hurt at all. Canine knew that her father wouldnt care if she was gone. Her ears rose as she heard two other voices.

"I can hear really good, cool," Canine said. She started running across rooftops. She saw Stoneheart at the Eifel Tower. She was about to attack him when she saw two other heroes. One looked like a cat and the other a ladybug.

"I knew I was Arianna and Canine..." Canine sighed. She was about to give up when she heard a cry for help. The other heroes didnt seem to notice.

Canine ran in the direction, using her super hearing to guide her. She stopped in an ally when she noticed a man about to stab a girl who looked around her age.The girl noticed Canine and she put a finger to her lips. The girl understood and kept her mouth shut.

Canine grabbed her boomerang and threw it at the man. The knife was knocked out of his hand. He turned around and saw Canine. She smirked and caught the boomerang. "You wanna go bitch?" he growled.

"I definitely wanna go," Canine said.

The man lunged towards Canine, but because of her small frame, she was able to slide under him. The man growled and before Canine could get up he jumped on top of her. They had a full-on wrestling match.

"Strength on," Canine mumbled.

She instantly felt stronger and she pushed the man off her, with her sheer strength he hit his back against the wall. He was about to get up when Canine threw her boomerang at his head, knocking him out.

"Are you okay?" Canine asked the woman.

"I-Im fine." She replied.

Canines miraculous beeped, and she saw the outline of the dog on her choker fading away. "I have to go, tell the police that Canine saved you," Canine said. She did a two finger solute and ran away.

Table of contents:

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