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Chapter 2 - Survival
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She was going to die.

No amount of sorcery helped her.

No medication could console her.

She was slowly and painfully dying, and we all knew that.

But not a word was said about it.

It was the elephant in the room.

Scarlett Blanc was slipping into the cold fingers of death, and everyone could see that.

The Gloes gave her pain numbing drugs, they spoke softly to her with the magical charm they possessed.

But, rather than her robe hanging in her cupboard, instead hung a body bag.

Scarlett knew of this.

She didnt care.

She told me, on a late night, that she was going to get through this.

"Felix," she stifles in her broken voice. "Felix, Im going to survive this. An old mouldy tummy cant kill Scarlett Jean Blanc." 

I liked to say that Scarlett wore a smile till the bitter end of her infected wound.

To say otherwise would be a lie.

Despite the gooey mucus that clogged her scar from the horse buck, she maintained her sarcastic sense of humor all through her ordeal. 

"I know," I reply, sitting on the edge of her crisp hospital bed. "I wont let you go."

Scarlett winced and drew a long, rattling breath.

She was in pain.

(^^Author´s note: I drew this ^^)

Suddenly, her monitor beeps jolted unhealthily, and rose to a screech of continuous, dragging bleeps.

This wasnt right.

She peers at me through eyelids of lead, eyelashes fluttering and head lolling.

The pain must be unbearable...

"You can go if you need to," I whisper to her. Her blank eyes present a mute expression of sadness. A tear runs down my face. "You can go if it hurts."

Her muscles begin to spasm uncontrollably.

"Nurse!" I shout, letting go of Scarletts limp, pale hand.

A female Gloe teleports a meter or two from Scarletts twitching body.

Im ushered out of the room by a Hetra and a male Gloe, but I dont agree with this. I attempt to wrestle from their firm hold, all the while yelling comforts at Scarlett.

I dont know what they do to her in there.

An hour passes before two Gloes, each equally disgruntled, emerged from the medical cubicle.

I stand up expectantly, waiting for news.

"We did what we could," one says.

I wait for the rest of the sentence.

But she didnt make it?

But shell die in a matter of days?

In a matter of hours?

Of minutes?

But instead, they exchange looks and leave, emotionless.

Perhaps some issues are best left on a standstill, but not the issue of the life or death of Scarlett Blanc.

I burst into the hospital room, where an unconscious girl is dormant in her white sheets, drips and tubes stuck into her skin.

Even in her life threatening slumber, she looks beautiful.

I drag a wooden chair from the corner and pull it up next to her bed.

Only when the screeching of chair against vinyl stops do I hear the gradual pitter-patter of paws on the ground.

I look down and see Karma- completely miserable, drained of enthusiasm.

She looks up, depressed, her small muzzle remaining pointed at the ground and only her amber eyes gazing at me, marked with woe.

Her tail hangs limply between her back legs, and only then do I realize, for the first time in five months that Ive known Karma, that her tail hasnt been wagging.

Scarlett had been in hospital for three months at that point.

I feared that she would never get better.

I scooped Karma in my hands, place him up between Scarletts head and her shoulder and clasp her hand.

Karma nestles in the sheets with Scarlett, where I continue to stroke her hand, over and over, feeling her soft olive skin before my head hits the mattress and I too drop into an inevitable rest.

A month later, to present day- on the contrary to prior belief, Scarlett survived, against all possible odds.

She isnt Scarlett anymore.

Shes vengeful, shes more determined, shes got a searing passion to do all that she can.

Emotionally, physically.

She isnt herself; her gait is stiff and that of an elders occasionally, and bound around her waist, under her jumper, is a blood-dyed bandage, changed every week but always stained with the fruit of her pain.

She has this uncontrollable thirst to avenge herself, Bailey and Natasha. She knows Cleos the one responsible- the two of us know that -but Scarletts not completely brutish.

Im sure Cleo threatened her, too, that if she told an adult then...

I dont like to think about it.

But all I can do to help is find Natasha. Find Bailey. And, in due time, kill Kyra Kendreson.

I will not stop until she is dead and they are found.

Table of contents:

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