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Chapter 13 - School
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It was a Monday morning. Julius thought it was going to be a horrible, gloomy day. He looked out the window and it was actually quite sunny. It was his and Jess´s first day at their new school, Acemount primary. They had to leave their old school due to moving to Venus house. Jess was sad as she had made lots of friends at her other school and didn´t want to leave them but Julius on the other hand was glad to leave and was relieved to leave that awful building. Julius got bullied almost everyday and he was getting sick of it. Everyone else in the house was awake by this time. Daisy was helping her sisters get ready for school. Jess was worried about her first day at school as nobody from the home was going to be in her class. So was Julius. He hated school and he didn´t want to be bullied again. Jess got a wash and put her new uniform on. She wore a white shirt with a blue tie with silver stripes. She also wore a pretty navy blue cardigan over the top and a school skirt. She wore some pretty little shiney black school shoes and some pure white knee high socks. Julius also got dressed and he looked very smart. All the children went downstairs for their breakfast. "You can have cereal or you can grab a cereal bar or some fruit to take to school!" Sam said. Julius quickly reached for the last frosties bar as he loved frosties and Jess grabbed a rosy red apple. By the time everyone ate or grabbed a snack, Sam was getting the minibus ready to take the children to school. Julius and Jess grabbed the back seats. "Is everybody ready?!" Sam shouted in a jolly tone of voice. "Yes!!" The kids all shouted at once. "Away we go!" shouted Sam and he started driving. Julius looked out of the window. He was wondering what their new school was going to be like. He stared at the pretty sites. He started to feel more comfortable at Venus house, though he still missed his home. He realised it was best for him and Jess to be at Venus house. He felt happy at Venus house and felt it was like a safe and happy environment. Jess was sat cheerfully also looking out of the window. She was worried about going to school but she felt a bit excited at the same time. They finally arrived at their new school. They both stared at the blue building it looked like a nice building. -WIP- -Work in progress

Table of contents:

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