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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12
Magical dreamer | Published 947 days ago

The next morning, Jess woke up. She woke up just as everyone else started to wake up. She slowly crept out of her room and into the large landing. Daisy and Dominica walked out of their room. Daisy felt lonely and kept on sneaking into her sisters room on the night, so she was allowed to share a room with her best friend Dominica. Daisy walked into her sisters room, just as they were waking up. She opened their curtains and neatly made their beds as they jumped out of bed. "H-hello...." said the shy Jess. "Hi what do you want?" said Daisy a little rudely. Jess just looked at them. Dominica nudged Daisy and whispered " Don´t be rude!" So Daisy said, "Hi sorry I was so rude, I get like that sometimes." "Thats quite alright." said Jess giving Daisy a little smile. Julius was with Tiger. Julius was clutching his diary, been very protective over it. He didn´t want anyone to read it. He looked like he had been crying, just a little. Jess walked downstairs with Daisy, Dominica and Daisy´s sisters. "Want to be friends?" Dominica asked awkwardly but in a kind way. "Ok.. sure!" said Jess shocked but stunned. "Ok! Meet us after breakfast and we can come in my room or something?" Dominica said. "Ok! I will." Jess said happily and she skipped of merrily to breakfast. Julius on the other hand was in one of his moods. He was missing home badly, he was homesick. He also liked that Jess was happy but felt a little separated from his sister. He walked slowly to the kitchen to eat his breakfast, he walked in a very slow and sad way.

Table of contents:

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Norman Thundercliffe :)
i love it :)
Updated 803 days ago
James Norma jumper and Eboni Caswaila Watson = best frendys!
therecare home seem good comperred to my
Updated 841 days ago
Sarah Jones 54
Updated 843 days ago
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