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Chapter 11 - Chapter 11
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When they had finished eating their curry, it was getting late. The sky started to become dark. "Go and get your pajama´s on kids!" said Nina, behaving like a mother to the kids. "Julius! Want to sleep in my room tonight? seeing as though you´re new and everything." asked Tiger kindly. "Ok then, I will." replied Julius. The two boys headed upstairs, "Lets get our pajama´s on." said Tiger. "I don´t want to get dressed in here, may I go in the bathroom?" asked Julius wanting some privacy. "Sure!" Tiger answered in a kind way. Julius headed to the bathroom and put his pajama´s on, went to the loo ad brushed his teeth. Meanwhile, Jess was laid on her bed, already in her pajama´s, thinking about her mother. She kissed her mothers photograph, which was placed neatly in a pink frame. She was worried about her mum, been left around Ace. She also was worried about her brother, he had been feeling depressed lately. She began to settle down and read a book. Julius headed back to Tiger´s room after he had got dressed. Tiger had put the telivison. "You can sleep at the bottom of the bed if you like, don´t worry I don´t snore!" laughed Tiger, happily. "Good!" smiled Julius. "So... what happened at home..?" asked Tiger curiously. "I´ve already told you! I´m not telling! No I don´t want to talk about it!" shouted Julius, his eyes watering. "Please Julius, I´m just curious," said Tiger. "No!!" cried Julius, grabbed his teddy and ran back to his own room and began to sulk. He began to punch the wall, little beads of blood on his knuckles. "No!! It´s not fair!" he shouted and Felix, a young and kind careworker raced in. "Mate, mate calm down!" he said kindly. Julius was crying and began to punch the wall again. "Don´t do that! You´ll hurt your poor, little hand lad!" shouted Felix. "Umm....sorry." said Julius. "No need to say sorry, I just don´t want you hurt thats all mate." he said. "So what happened then?" he asked. "This boy, Tiger was asking about what happened, you know at home ..." replied Julius in a very muffled voice. "Just say you don´t want to talk about it, you didn´t have to get angry mate." said Felix kindly. "Um... yes.... I might go and apologize." said Julius. "Good on you, um... Julius is it?" he asked "Yes." Julius replied. "Ok, I´m Felix a careworker, if you need to talk about anything Julius, I´m always here to listen to you." Felix said in a friendly way and walked out of Julius´s bedroom. Julius got his felt tip pens out and some card and stickers and he began to create a card for Tiger, saying sorry. When he had finished, he took it to Tiger´s room it in one hand, his teddy-bear in the other hand. He knocked shyly on Tiger´s bedroom door and Tiger shouted "Come in!" With that, Julius walked in. Tiger was sat watching the TV. Julius passed the card to Tiger and said "I´m sorry... here take this." Tiger opened it and said "This is amazing! thank you Julius!" and he gave Julius a big hug. Julius smiled and hugged him back. "May I sleep in here?" asked Julius. "Sure!" answered Tiger, happily and both boys soon went to sleep. When Jess was tired, she put her book down, turned off her lamp and snuggled up in bed with her teddy. It comforted her because it smelt like home and she got it when she was a baby. Soon enough, the whole house was asleep.

Table of contents:

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