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Chapter 3 - The Annual Grand Boverick Festival
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Every year, the teachers all leave to journey to the Capitol to go to the Annual Grand Boverick Festival, where the teachers and watchers are rewarded for dealing with the Sanroke citizens. Since were the offspring of the people who could have contributed towards the destruction of our planet.

I was actually born in the Asylums hospital, and was separated from my mother at birth. She was set in a different Asylum for recovering mothers, while I was kept in this one.

Im 14 now, which means Im in the Third Form. Theres a form for every five years.

I bet youre wondering about our blood. No, Its not red. In fact, its a very un-appetizing, thick, black substance, due to another jab we had at birth.

We have this special chemical-water that we drink and bathe in. It looks and tastes exactly the same, but normal water is forbidden, as not only does it wash out our hair dyes, but it removes our lenses, the chemical in our blood that makes it black and it refills our tear ducts.

But, anyway.

Im seen as quite a trusted person in the watchers eyes, as Ive only been in isolation once, as the average is about three times.

There are four trusted people in every form in every Asylum in Sanroke.

Our forms is me, Aurora, Robin Cooker and Aster Lillison. Only one boy.

For the past four years that Ive been in this form, its been everyone except me to look after the Asylum while the teachers and watchers are on their way to the Capitol every year.

Me, Millie and Aurora left to go outside. Its a barren patch of land, with mesh all around and on the top, too.

Grey smoke is being pumped out of a chimney 24/7 for whatever reason, meaning the sky is always grimly clouded over, and the sun is no where to be seen, let alone the blue of the sky.

The whole place reeks of eye-watering toxins, the chemical that they drench the earth of the outside to kill off all signs of life- grass, bugs, things like that.

There was nothing to do out there.

We simply conversed and built shapes in the mud, like everyday.

I peered out through the mesh and saw second form roaming about, then First Form next to that.

Life is so dull.

The most exciting thing thats ever happened here was when a seagull circled one of the pointed roofs, and we all were fascinated.

Unfortunately, I didnt get a glimpse of the orange of his beak.

The gull was quickly slaughtered upon its arrival.

Were still not sure how it survived the toxic whiff of the chemical on the barren land, or the sickly choke of the smoke.

Even now, the intoxicating steam tickles my throat playfully, the grim clouds still sends a mask of suffocating bubble around my mouth.

I noticed the teachers lugging about leather trunks and dragging plastic bags stuffed with dozens of files, papers and clothes.

"Ravenglass," Miss Yolksom said coldly. She tucked a stray piece of mud-brown hair behind her bat-ear.

Her broad shoulder twitched.

Ive studied Maam for the four years Ive been in this form, and noted her physical behaviour.

Ive noticed that her shoulder twitches when shes excited about something. Im not yet sure what excited means yet, but I think its a bit like the time that I really wanted it to be tomorrow, because I would be having bread and butter pudding for the first time.

It was actually quite dull.

And tasteless.

Mainly because they had de-flavoured it to get all the colour out.

Anyway, Miss Yolksom stood in front of me, shoulder jerking away.

"As you know, you are one of the Trusted Four," she barked.

"Yes, Maam, I believe I am trustworthy," I lied.

"Positive." Maam nodded. "Anyway, I have a few jobs for you to look after while we are all gone."


Maam led me to a mechanical chamber to be accessed through outside, through the Third Form common room, through the huge, shared cafeteria, and through that into the Teachers quarters.

It was cozy, with charcoal-grey, plushy sofas clustered around a black coffee table, on which were black mugs filled with dull brown, steaming tea.

My mouth watered as the hot smell wafted under my nose.

"Through here," she said, shoving me harshly towards a metal-plated door. My nose cracked painfully against the cold of the silver. I felt my bone split slightly, and I thought, oh god. Its coming.

I felt the telltale heat in my veins as the thick substance began to slowly work its way towards the gap in my skin. It oozed in stodgy, warm drips of black goo. I blinked solemnly and began to nurse my throbbing nose. The pain was excruciating.

Im sure people in the Capitol would cry at this, but I felt no grief. I merely dabbed at the wound.

Miss Yolksom, the charming woman, pushed past me to unlock the door with a brass key. It clanged open to reveal a room filled with whirring machines and grinding cogs- and a massive, metal box, dials ringing and hissing, bells jingling and buttons bleeping. The huge pipe leading to the ceiling clunked as more and more smoke spewed out of it into the outside world.

Maam patted it as if it were an old friend.

"Listen up, Ravenglass," she hissed, grabbing me harshly by my upper arm. I obeyed and let her drag me up close to her face.

I felt her rancid breath tickle my nose, and held back the urge to sneeze up some other black chemical that theyve concocted.

"This machine is very hard to work, so you better listen up, hear?"

I nodded.

"Positive," she huffed.

She threw me back with a flick of her wrist, throwing me against the wall.

I entered a brief moment of confusion, not understanding why she was treating me so harshly: A, because Im one of the Trusted Four, and B, because Im the one whos running this place for a month.

I gasped for air for a few seconds, regaining my breath, then rejoining Maam by her side.

She pointed out several dials and levers, all sorts of whatchamacallits and thingamajigs, and random buttons that need to be pressed at certain times.

I couldnt take it all in, so I didnt really bother to listen too well.

By the end of our 30-minute session on the smoke machine, I only understood the meaning of the power button and the rather handy cup holder.

Next, we journeyed out to the Outdoor shed.

It was quite much a pile of rotting, splintering wood, only upright by being wedged into the soft mud.

"This," Maam began, grabbing my face and thrusting me towards a bottle on the ground. "This, my girl, this is Lifeaway."

"Lifeaway?" I repeated, puzzled.

"Yes, Ravenglass, now pay attention," Miss Yolksom says sharply. She picks up the plastic bottle and threw it into my hands. I studied it- the fluid inside was thick, grey and clumpy, and rather unappealingly fluffy, like clay.

"You pour it on the ground," Maam said, demonstrating. The Lifeaway flopped unimpressively in a mound of grey goo. "And you rake it in."

Miss Yolksom grabs a rake and combs through the Lifeaway, massaging it into the muck. It gently dissipates within the time it takes to rub it in.

"Remember that, child," Maam says, grabbing my tee and throwing me to the door. The chemical scent awakens a sickly whirlpool in my stomach.

She shows me a bunch of other stuff, like keys and times and resumes.

Eventually, she grabbed my tee and threw me into the Third Form Common Rooms.

She hurled a dozen brass keys after me.

"You better take good care of the old place, Ravenglass," she growls.

"Yes, Maam," I reply calmly, retrieving the keys and scraps of papers.

"Keep them in your trunk, understand?"

"Yes, Maam."


And with that, she turns and heads out the metal door, with all the other teachers.

Faraway, I hear a minibus come to life with a soft purr, like a cat. It chugs farther away...and Im left in the dark, with Aurora, Millie, Ryder, Felic, Luka Aralong, Octavia Rayshine, Faye Lobelia, Tashie, Winter Crowbite and Scout Sledgesweet. Aster and Robin were probably helping out with the First Forms or the Nursery.

What is light, I wonder?

There are no lights here.

Apparently, they help you see in the dark.

Our dried carrots are there for that.

But rumour has it that theres a massive light beneath the clouds and smoke, a very pretty one that warms you.

Its hard to imagine a massive carrot floating in the air.

Even though there is no light, its still possible to see, because of the slight aura that this Massive Light might give us.

But, for now, its darkness all around.

We use touch to see in the ashy blackness. Aster and Robin make a human chain out of us in the usual order picked by us- Robin holds onto Aster, Aster holds onto me, I hold onto Aurora, Aurora holds onto Millie, Millie onto Octavia, Octavia onto Tashie, Tashie onto Felic, Felic onto Ryder, Ryder onto Scout, Scout onto Faye, Faye onto Winter, Winter onto Luka, Luka onto Paige.

Tashie managed to escape her isolation by apologizing. 

We dont have love here, but if we did, there are ready-made little couples.

Most famously amongst Third Form, Tashie and Felic.

I think it was the time when they were both in Isolation together, and they were so lonely that they made friends.

Next is Winter and Paige.

They seem quite similar personality-wise (though everyone is), as they think similarly. Whereas, Tashie and Felic couldnt be more different if they tried.

The last couple is Aster Lillison and Robin Cooker- both never been in Isolation. Theyre considered the Goody Two Shoes.

Scout and Faye have persuaded us that theyre only good friends.

I would like to get to know Ryder a bit better some time, but for now, were just acquaintances.

I stand up and make my way along the wall in our chain, and the telltale jingle of the keys on my belt warn me that I need to do my jobs.

I decide a very dangerous decision.

I will not drench the outside in Lifeaway.

I will see life for the very first time.

Table of contents:

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I like how you always put periods at the ends of your sentences. It shows to me that they have no emotion at all
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Oh My God, My Name Is In The Book! Paige Is MY Name!
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this is so sad, but friggin amazing ;-;
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Aahahah thanks!
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a massive carrot floating in the air XD long, and brilliant chapter :)
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