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Chapter 10 - Settling in and making friends
Magical dreamer | Published 1001 days ago

Jess was still unpacking her belongings and they was a little knock at her bedroom door. She opened the door and there stood Dominika and Daisy, still holding the hands of the two, small girls. "Hi we just come to see how you were settling in," said Dominika smiling at Jess. "Yes these are my two little sisters, Violet and Rosie," said Daisy. "Hello," said Jess shyly. "So how did you end up in care?" asked Dominika curiously and sat next to Jess on her bed. "Um.... mums boyfriend was abusive and we got left on our own..." said Jess a little sadly. "Oh, I´m sorry.." replied Dominika. "My mum left me alone for a week to go on holiday," said Dominika. "My mum died... and my dad couldn´t we, you know ended up here." explained Daisy. "Oh, that´s terrible!" said Jess. Meanwhile, Julius was sat on his bed and there was a knock at his door also. He got up and answered it. "Hi, It´s me Tiger who you met downstairs." said Tiger. "I just come to see how you were settling in." he added. "Um.... I´m ok..." replied Julius. "So.. how did you end up in care then?" Tiger asked "Um....because of my stepdad.. but I don´t really want to talk about it." said Julius, putting his head down. "Thats quite alright!" said Tiger, in a friendly way. Nina was cooking a curry for their tea. Jess and Julius both went and sat in the livingroom and played a game of snap. Tiger was watching them. Daisy, Dominika were playing gamed with Daisy´s sisters. There were two boys playing snooker. The youngest boy aged about 13 walked up to Julius and said "Yo! names Terrance? your name?" he said. "Julius," replied Julius feeling a little bit small. "So how did ya end up here then? yar gonna tell me?" he said not very politely. "I don´t want to talk about it," said Julius in a muffled voice. "Ok, ok!" said Terrance. The other boy walked up and said "My name is Simon." He had seribal polsy. Another boy walked up to Julius and Jess holding a notepad and said, "I need to know your names." he said seriously. "Um..why?" asked Julius. "I need to write them down in my notebook!" he said. "Ok, ok!" answered Julius. "I´m Julius and this is Jess." "I´m Nathan and I need your last names!" he said. "He asks for new people´s names everytime they arrive here." said Terrance and he got closer to Julius and Jess and whispered, "He has Aspergus syndrome." "Oh... our last name is Jameson." replied Julius. Nina walked into the living room and said "Dinners ready," Terrance and Dominika started to lay out the table. "You´ve come on a good day!" said Nina. "It´s curry night!" she added cheerfully. "Yum!" said Julius and Jess, excitedly. As soon as they got their meal, they ate it. There was some other children that they hadn´t seen yet. There was a girl sat opposite them and she looked about 15. She had long curly hair and massive hoop earrings. She was wearing earphones and she didn´t introduce herself. "Her name is Kim." said Terrance. There was also a girl aged about 10, who was listening to beethoven she looked at Julius and Jess and said "Hello, nice to meet you! I´m Thea, it´s short for Theadora and I want to be a pianist when I grow up." There was a little boy sat next to Kim and he was holding a dinosaur stuffed animal. "Hello, I´m Finley and this is Bob," he said introducing himself and his stuffed animal. Julius and Jess both smiled at him. There was also a sporty-looking girl who was tanned and had bunches in her hair. "Hiya! I´m Mandy and I like football!" shd said happily. Julius and Jess actually started to like their new home and started to eat their curry happily.

Table of contents:

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