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Chapter 9 - They arrive in care.
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Julius and Jess were still crying. Jess felt a bit scared because she thought that the care home was going to be frightening. It took about half an hour to get to the home, Venus house. Once they arrived, Helen said in a kind voice, "I know it all looks big and scary but you´ll get used to it." and her and Sam started to get the luggage out of the minibus. Julius and Jess also grabbed some of their luggage and they all began to carry it into the care home. Jess looked around with a scared look on her face. "Hi! my name is Dominika." said a friendly looking girl aged about 11. "I´m Daisy her best friend." said a girl about the same age as her, with blondy brown wavy hair. She was holding the hands of two very young girls aged about 3 and 4. Julius looked scared but not as scared as Jess. He just examined the place. "Hello! My name is Tiger and I like comics!" said a boy cheerfully, he was about 9 or 10 years old. "Let me show you to your room, Julius," said Sam, the head careworker. "I´ll show you your room Jess." said an overweight woman. Sam took Julius upstairs and helped him to carry his belongings. The room was the third room down. "Wow, I like it!" Julius said happily. "Well I am glad!" said Sam. His room had a bed and red and blue striped walls and a white carpet. There was a rug next to his bed that said ´kapow´ on it. He liked his new room and began to unpack his belongings and set them out neatly in his own, new room. "Come on, I´m sure you´ll like your new room." said the overweight woman to Jess. Her room was next to Daisy´s room. It was a cozy room. "This is quite nice," said Jess looking around. Her room had blue walls with pink bubbles on them. She had a bed with a pink, checkered quilt cover and next to her bed, there was a pink, fluffy rug. "How rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself I´m Nina and I´m a careworker, I´ll be cooking most of the food and I´m sure you´ll like my curries." said Nina. "Yes, i do like curry!" said Jess cheerfully. "Right then I´ll leave you to unpack and get settled it then." said Nina kindly and she left the room. Jess began to smile and unpacked all of her belongings and displayed them in her room in a neat way.

Table of contents:

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