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Chapter 8 - They get found out..
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Ace was in the backgarden smoking All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door *Rat-at-at- rat-at-at* julius came down stairs, covered in blood and answered the door. It was Rachel the young woman who lived next door. "Hello, what was all that rack-, Ohmigosh!! Whats happened?" She said looking at Julius. He burst into tears and Rachel walked in and hugged him and said "Poor little boy...." she had tears in her eyes. "I had your stepdad shouting." Julius didn´t reply he just looked at her, knowing he shouldn´t say anything. "He beat you up didn´t he?" Rachel said in a serious voice. Julius didn´t reply. "He did, didn´t he?" she continued. Darling, you´ll soon be safe." said Rachel and she walked out of the house. Julius didn´t think much of Rachel and forgot about her coming. Julius knew he had to be more strong, but he couldn´t stop crying. Jess was upstairs in the bedroom playing. Julius went and joined her. "Hey!" she said in her quiet, cute little voice "Wanna play connect 4?" she asked. "Ok!" answered Julius. "You can be red, I´ll be yellow." said Jess. "Ok!" replied Julius. About 10 minutes later, there was a very loud knock at the door.*Rat-tat-tat-tat* Julius and Jess both raced downstairs and opened the door. There was a young lady with blond hair in a bob and brown eyes and a tall, auburn haired man stood at the door. "Golly! Are you ok?" asked the woman. "Ye... I guess so..." replied Julius. "I´m Helen and we´ve heard from a very nice lady that your stepdad had beat you up, can you tell us more, honey?" she asked kindly. "Umm....he beat me up because I called him a bully." answered Julius, truthfully. "Is he very mean to you?" she continued. "Y....yes he us up.. me the most and....." "Come on sweetheart!" continued the lady. "Oh and I´m Sam." the man said, introducing himself. "What have you come for?" asked Jess. "Well, we´ve heard that your brother got hit and smacked really hard.. so we´re going to take you to a much nicer place then here, a place called Venus house." explained Sam. Julius knew straight away were they were going "You´re going to take us into care, aren´t you?" said Julius looked at Helen the social worker and Sam. "Yes but it´s a very nice care home." Sam said. "Noooo!!!!!!" shouted Julius and raced up the stairs. Jess followed her brother. Helen and Sam followed after them. They both walked into the children´s room. "What else is your stepdad like?" said Helen sitting beside Jess. "Him and our mum go out a lot and leave us alone...he always beats us up, especially Julius. Julius gets tired and stressed because he always has to take care of me." explained Jess. "Well, we can´t have that!" said Helen "You two getten beaten up and you Julius having to look after your little sister, love." "I can do it! I really can...please don´t take us away...let us stay here!" cried Julius. "We can´t do that, I´m sorry." said Sam. "So where´s this stepdad of yours? I want to speak to him." asked Sam. "He´ll be outside." replied Jess. "Smoking." added Julius. Sam went downstairs and went in the back and saw Ace. "Excuse me! We can´t have you leaving children alone and beating them up.. so we´re taking them into care." said Sam. "I didn´t!! I didn´t do anything to those kids." shouted Ace. "Yes you did, they admitted it and Julius had blood all over him!" corrected Sam. "Well they are spoilt brats!!" shouted Ace. "This is no way to treat your kids." Sam said and they continued to talk. Meanwhile upstairs, Helen was helping Julius and Jess pack all their things. "So what are you going to bring then, kids?" asked Helen. "My teddy bear! and my colouring book and crayons!" said Jess "I can´t forget all my hair clips and bobbles!" squeaked Jess. "What about you, darling?" she asked Julius. "Um... my special fountain pen and my diary..." Julius answered "And my racecars and teddy too..." They carried on packing all of their stuff. Once they had finished packing, Sam and Helen carried all their suitcases and rucksacks into the boot of Sam´s minibus. "Come on, kiddo´s don´t cry now." said Sam hugging the crying children. Suddenly, a black taxi pulled up outside their home. Sarah, their mum walked out. "What´s going on??" she said looking confused and shocked. "We´re taking your children into care, they´ve told us all about your partner and hoe you leave them alone." said Helen. "No!! You can´t take my baby girl and my baby boy away!!" shouted Sarah with tears pouring down her cheeks. Seeing their mum cry made Julius and Jess cry harder and Sam hugged them tighter. "It´s the best thing for your children." said Sam. "Please, no don´t take my babies away!!" shouted Sarah. Helen and Sam put the last of their luggage into the boot. Julius and Jess were both going to run back inside but Sam grabbed them firmly but gently. Sarah walked up to her kids and gave them a long hug each and a lot of kisses. They both were still crying. Helen gently pushed Julius and Jess into the minibus. Julius started screaming and crying and so did Jess not long after. "Mummy!! Save us!! Don´t let us go!" they both screamed. Sarah was about to walk up to the minibus but Ace stopped her. Sam got in the front and Helen got in the back with the children. Sam started to drive. Julius looked out of window, crying his eyes out. Jess held her brothers little hand also crying herself. Sarah looked sadly at the minibus and kept on looking at it until it went out of sight. Ace just glared at it and said to himself "It will be so much better without them brats here to ruin my life."

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Best chapter by far :D
Updated 536 days ago
Poor Jess and Julius, I am glad they will have a better life, I hope.
Updated 1004 days ago
was that the end? if it was it is the best book i´ve read on storiescity i was about to cry *but it refused*
Updated 1005 days ago
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