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Chapter 7 - Ace looks after the kids...
Magical dreamer | Published 1005 days ago

"But I feel really bad about leaving them...." Sarah said sadly. "SO WHAT!! let me come with you to the party!!" shouted Ace. Sarah looked Ace in the eyes and said "Please, just this once look after Julius and Jess." "He is old enough to look after himself and Jess!!" raged Ace. "Baby, he´s 7 and Jess is only 5...." Ace lost his temper and hit Sarah in the eye, he had given her a black eye. Sarah was also scared of Ace and let him hit her, she always feels she is in the wrong when he hits her. Sarah just looked shocked at Ace. Ace finally gave in "You better not be hours, Sarah and any trouble with these kids they´ll know about it!" "Ok..." Sarah said and she left. Ace got the kids in the corner of the living room and said "STAY and I mean stay out of my way or you´ll know about it!!" Julius and Jess stood there very scared because they knew their mother wasn´t home. Ace sat in the kitchen and had a cup of coffee. About half an hour later, Julius walked into the kitchen and asked Ace "A- Ace.. c-can we please have some food? we are hungry." "Noooooo wait til later on!!" shouted Ace. "You can´t stop us from eating." said Julius "Can´t I now? Wanna make something of it?" Poor, starving Julius walked out of the kitchen. Ace glared at him and said "Watch it, kid!" Jess was sat on the behind the couch because she was scared. Julius went up to her and said "It´s ok, Jess lets just sit on the couch." So they both sat on the couch together. Julius suddenly felt brave and strong. "I´m gonna tell Ace what I think of him." said Julius to his sister, Jess. "No!" shouted Jess. "I am! I´m sick of been bullied by him!" replied Julius. With that, he walked into the kitchen and said "Ace, your one biv bully!" Ace grabbed Julius´s neck and said "You what lad?!" Julius suddenly felt that he wished he hadn´t said anything but it was too late now... "You´re mean to us! You encourage mum to leave us." said Julius, truthfully. "You little brat!!!" Ace screamed. He punched all Julius´s face and he beat Julius up really bad. There was actually blood all over the floor and all over Ace. Julius sobbed his heart out, he was in pain. Then Ace said cruely "Don´t tell you mum about this it´s our secret right?!" Julius didn´t speak. "RIGHT?!" shouted Ace in Julius´s face. "" said Julius crying. "Now go!!" He said and pushed Julius. Jess saw it all, she was watching at the kitchen door. She was also crying her eyes out. Julius started crying even more, knowing his sister was upset and had seen it all. Julius went up to his room and started to write in his diary. Dear Diary, I don´t know what to do anymore. I´m always left to look after my sister but today was worse. Ace, my abusive stepdad ended up looking after us. He starved us and I told him he was a bully and he beat me up.... He´s telling me not to tell my mum.... Why won´t somebody take care of me? Jess has got me to take care of her. Why won´t anybody tell me what i ever did wrong in my life....? I hate my life!! - Julius Jameson.

Table of contents:

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this gives me the feelz (Which is very hard to do good job!)
Updated 1005 days ago
KEEP GOING!!!!!!!!
Updated 1005 days ago
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