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Chapter 6 - Chapter 6
Magical dreamer | Published 1005 days ago

"Mum! You cant go out now with Ace, I dont feel very well!" Julius moaned truthfully, he did feel ill he felt weak and tired and had a headache. "Julius, listen I need to go out and have fun you know. I don´t want to stay here all of the time it´s boring! You can look after your sister." Sarah said. "No! Its unfair! Why cant you stay in and look after her? Im really ill and she is your child." "Julius! Pack it in and stop being a brat!!" screamed Ace in his roaring voice. "Julius darling, listen to Ace dont be a brat." Sarah said calmly. "B-but mum.... i dont feel well...I´ve got a-" "Shut your gob kid!" shouted Ace before Julius even got a chance to finish his sentence and he began to kick Julius in his legs. "Stop it! you´re hurting me!!" shouted Julius in pain. He gave Julius a punch in the face. Julius had bruises all over and he started to cry. "Julius, dont be a baby." Sarah said "Wed better be going, come on Ace." "You dont love me!! You dont even protect me!! You care about him more than me!!!!!" screamed julius and he stormed upstairs and went and laid on his bed. Jess was downstairs and she could feel tears in her eyes. She didnt like the arguing and she didnt like to see her brother upset. Julius was sobbing his heart out, he started to wish he was dead and he started to feel that his own mother didnt love him.. he didnt feel loved by anybody. Jess walked up the stairs and went into their room. She sat beside her brother and held his hand. She rarely sees her brother cry and she doesnt like it when he does. Julius looked at his sister, he knew he had to stay strong but he felt like he couldnt cope for much longer.. He felt ill and stressed. Jess smiled at her brother and she gave him a little hug. Jess got her colouring book out from her drawers and grabbed some crayons and her and Julius coloured pictures for the rest of the day. Julius was still upset but he cheered up a little bit. Both siblings enjoyed the rest of the day together.   -How was that? Therell probably be more. Poor Jess and Julius! :(

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so sad
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