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Chapter 4 - About Julius
Magical dreamer | Published 907 days ago

He likes to write in his diary about everything what happens, it makes him feel better to write his thoughts and feelings down. He always feels stressed and tired as he is the oldest and he has to clean up and look after his sister and hes only 7 years old himself! He can be brave but also sensitive. He is scared of Ace but tries to stick up for himself and his sister. Julius has beautiful blue eyes and blond hair, he wears a dark blue tracksuit. He is kind and caring. He doesnt have many friends at school unlike Jess, who is more popular. He shares a room with his sister, he sleeps on the bottom bunk. His favourite colour is blue and he likes frosties.

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Magical dreamer
? Is that a good thing?
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psychic friend fredbear
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