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Chapter 3 - The night alone.
Magical dreamer | Published 1005 days ago

Sarah was once again going to the pub with Ace. Julius was sulking and had his arms folded and Jess looked sad and had tears in her eyes. Sarah looked at her children and said "Dont be sulky! Ill be back by eleven, Im just going to the pub!" "Yeah right! " Julius replied angrily  "Dont you start boy! I mean it! youll get the hardest beating youve ever had from me!" Ace shouted in an angry voice and glared at Julius. Julius sighed and said "Ok mum... you go out and enjoy yourself.." Sarah began to smile, she loved to go to the pub. "Bye kids!" she said and unlocked the front door. "This place had better be spotless, Julius or there will be trouble." muttered Ace. "Ok....whatever.." said Julius in a quiet voice. With that, Sarah and Ace went out of the house and Ace slammed the door shut. It was 6pm and the kids were feeling hungry. "Julius, Im hungry!" moaned Jess. "So am I but Its always me left to cope...." said Julius in a muffled voice, staring at the floor, trying to hide from his sister that he was upset. "Well, what can we have?" asked Jess. "Umm....cereal?" replied Julius "No! We cant always eat cereal!"

 "Fine! How about sandwiches?"  Julius suggested. "Ok, sure. Good idea! Yum!" Jess answered cheerfully and she danced into the living-room and sat on the sofa. Julius got the bread out of the cupboard, it was nearly out of date, he grabbed the butter from the fridge and some cheese triangles. He got a knife, it wasnt a butter knife it was a really sharp knife. He began to spread the butter on the bread and the cheese spread. Once he had done, he cut the sandwich into half. Julius had accidentally cut his finger  "Owwww!!!!!!!!!" Julius yelped in pain. Blood dripped from his finger.  The sensitive Jess came running in, she was really worried. She saw the blood and felt even more worried"Julius?! are you okay?" she asked, worriedly. "Im fine... I guess, I just cut my finger on a knife thats all." He answered. "Well, you shouldnt be using that knife! Julius, Im glad youre alright," She said happily that her brother was alright. She took her sandwich and ate it at the table. Julius went into the medical cupboard and got a plaster from the First-aid kit and wrapped it around his bleeding finger. "Julius?" shouted Jess from the next room "What are you going to eat?" She asked. "Uh... Ill just have some biscuits I guess..." he said and grabbed a few biscuits out of the packet in the cupboard. "This will do for tonight, but we need cereal for morning." Julius said. "Let mum get them! She is supposed to be looking after us, not you!" Jessica told her brother. "No! She wont get them, well go to the supermarket in about fifteen minutes." Julius answered. "Were too young! We cant go to the supermarket alone!" shouted Jess. "Well, Im with you and we need to get some food in!" Julius said "Most of our food is out of date or close to running out." He added. "Fine!" said Jess, giving in. Once Jess had finished her sandwich, Julius put his blue coat on and also put Jesss pink coat on for her. "Wait here!" he said "Im just going to pop up stairs and get some money out of mum´s wallet." He raced up the stairs and went in his mum´s room. The wallet wasnt there. "Oh no!" Julius thought to himself,  "She might have took it with her!" "What am i going to do now?" All of a sudden, Julius spotted some spare money on his mums bed and he took that and put it into his coat pocket. Then he raced downstairs and opened the door. He held his sisters hand and they walked to the supermarket, which was a few streets away. When they arrived at the supermarket, lots of people began to stare at them. Julius ignored them and took his sister around the store. Julius first bought some cereal and some milk from the breakfast aisle which was near the window. Julius looked tired and stressed. A nosy old woman, also buying cereals looked at the kids. "Where´s your mother?" she spitted. Julius and Jess just looked at her not saying a word. "Well?" she continued. "Oh, she is waiting in the car outside." Julius said quickly, making it up. "Which car is it?" The nosy old woman asked and began to look out of the window. "Its a.. um..  a red car.." Julius said. "Come on, Jess we need to hurry up." said Julius and they both walked away quickly. The woman continued to stare at them until they got out of her sight. "Nosy old bag!" said Julius. "Its none of her business!" he added. "Yeah.. come on lets hurry up incase anyone else asks us.." said Jess. Julius bought some more bread and Juice and some fruit. Jess spotted some sweets that she always dreamt of trying. "Julius?" she asked her brother looking up at him, trying to be cute.  "Can I please have this bag of sweets?" "No, Im sorry Jess we wont have enough money." Julius answered. Jess looked upset and her eyes started to water. "Come on, lets go." said Julius. They went to one of the tills and paid. A woman started to scan their items. "Were are your parents?" she asked curiously. "Um.. they are waiting outside.." Julius answered. "Where do you live then?" she continued to ask. "We cant really tell you that.." answered Julius. "Why not?" she continued. "Because youre a stranger!" said Julius and he took the bags. "Come on, lets go to mum and Ace." Julius lied. Suddenly Julius realised he had a pound spare, so he went back to the til and bought Jess the sweets she wanted. "Thanks Julius!" she said happily. "But what about you?" she asked thinking of her brother. "Ill be fine...." Julius replied "You come first anyway." She smiled at her older brother and the siblings headed home. It was 8pm when they arrived home and Julius said "Right we should go to bed now.." Jess didnt really want to but she sighed and said "Fine." Julius went into their room and grabbed Jess a nighty from her wardrobe and some slippers to put on. He then went into his own wardrobe, next to Jess´s and got himself a pair of pajamas and went into the bathroom to put them on. When they had both put on their Pajamas, Julius headed downstairs and switched off the TV. He made two drinks of juice for him and his sister and grabbed Jesss sweets from one of the bags and took them upstairs. "Aww thank you Julius, You´re really kind!" Jess said smiling. She drank her drink and ate her sweets. "Do you want one, Julius?" she asked looking at her older brother. "Ok, thanks." he replied. Jess gave him not one, but two sweets! and they both munched happily. At about 9pm, Jess climbed onto her top bunk and fell asleep straight away. Meanwhile, Julius was laid on the bottom bunk tossing and turning thinking about mum and Ace. After about an hour and half, he fell asleep. At about 3am in the morning, Julius woke with a start, he had heard a noise. He grew more scared by the minute, but then he recognised the sound. It was just the wind-chimes. Luckily, Jess was still asleep so Julius decided to try and get back go sleep but he was wondering whether their mother was home or not or whether she would even come back. Soon, it was morning and Julius and Jess woke up around 7am. The sky was blue and birds could be heard singing outside. "Hello?" Julius said "Mum where are you?" But there was no answer which meant his mother hadnt come home yet. Julius made himself and Jess a bowl of frosties. They ate them happily. Julius switched on the TV and they watched it for a bit. At around 10am, there was a loud knock at the door. Julius opened the door, in walked their mother and Ace. Julius and Jess both hugged their mother. "Where on earth have you been?" Julius asked, feeling a bit angry at mum for leaving them home alone. "Ive been worried sick, mum!" he shouted "Sweetheart, we were out at the pub, I told you! "Well, yes but you told me youd be back by eleven!" Julius shouted. "Darling, Im sorry." Sarah said and went to hug Julius. "Shut up!!" Julius screamed and pushed his mother away, it wasn´t a hard push though.  Suddenly, he realised what hed said and  began to feel bad. "Uh...Im sorry mum." he apologized. Sarah didn´t know what to say, she just looked at her son feeling hurt.  "Where the hell has my money gone?!!!" screamed Ace from upstairs. Julius began to feel hot and fluttered. He realised hed took Aces money to buy food at the supermarket. Ace came charging down the stairs. "Well?!" He screamed in Juliuss face. "Um....sorry... it was an a-accident.... I used it for food at the supermarket." Julius said. "You should have waited for us, Julius." said Sarah. "Yes you should have!" shouted Ace in Juliuss face. "Well I didnt know!" Julius shot back. "All the food was out of date!" "It would have helped if you bought us food and looked after us properly!" he continued. Ace was really angry, he felt intimidated. He smacked Juliuss blond head so hard that it went red. Jess walked in "Dont hurt my brother!" she shouted. "Just go upstairs both of you!!" he screamed pushing Jess. They both went upstairs. Julius started to cry. "I cant take this anymore!" "Im sick of this life!" "Im only a kid myself and I have to take care of everything!" he cried. "Its ok!" said Jess having sympathy for her brother. She put her arm round him. "At least weve got eachover." she said. "Yes, youre right." agreed Julius.

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