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Chapter 2 - Jessīs accident
Magical dreamer | Published 1062 days ago

 Sarah had gone out to the pub named īThe Blueberriesī. Julius at age seven was left to take care of his five-year-old sister. He was tired and fed up but he had no choice. He felt his younger sister was more important as she was the youngest and felt like his mission was to make her happy. "Iīm hungry!" Jess whined and she pointed to the food cupboard, hinting to her brother that she wanted him to make her something to eat.  "Okay, Iīll make you some cereal.." said Julius, feeling fed up. Jess skipped into the livingroom and began to watch telivision. Julius went into the cupboards, which were empty and grabbed a box of rice crispies and he went into the fridge and grabbed the milk, which was only just in date. He grabbed the pink bowl which belonged to Jess and made her some cereal. He walked into the livingroom and passed her it. "Thank you, Julius!" she said in a jolly tone of voice and she grabbed the bowl from Juliusīs hand and ate it happily. Julius was exhausted, he was always the one to have to look after Jess when  mum and Ace went out. He threw himself down on the couch and shut his eyes a little. The phone began to ring loudly. Jess picked up the phone and said "Hello?" in her quiet voice. "Hey Jess! Make us a cup of coffee and hurry up about it! I want it done before we get in.." said Ace loudly.  Jess sighed and muttered "Ok..." She shook Julius "Julius.... Julius! wake up! I need you to make a coffee for Ace, he just rang the phone." Julius sighed and said "Fine." and he went to go and make the coffee. He thought to himself "Why do I have to do everything? Itīs not fair! What did I ever do wrong?" He made the coffee, with thoughts racing around his mind like racecars. All of these thoughts gave him a headache, a sharp migraine. He left the coffee on the kitchen counter and went and slammed himself down on the couch. Suddenly, there was a loud knock at the door, it was so loud that it nearly knocked the door down. Jess skipped merrily to the door and opened it. There stood Ace and mum. Ace stepped into the house, his feet stomping against the ground like a huge elephant along the way. He barged pass Jess and stepped into the hallway "Where is my coffee?" Ace said in a roaring voice. Jess felt a little bit frightened. She saw Ace as a huge roaring lion and felt like a tiny mouse running around below him. "Itīs on the kitchen side!" shouted Julius from the living room. Ace dumped his leather jacket in a scruffy manner on the kitchen side, near the coffee and went to the loo. Jess began to feel a bit thirsty. She reached for the cupboard to get herself the juice bottle and a beaker but she couldnīt quite reach. She finally managed to reach it but all of the beakers went flying out of the cupboard beakers all went flying out of the cupboard and made Jess jump. One beaker hit the coffee and made Jessīs heart race. She felt even more scared. The coffee spilt and went all over Aceīs leather jacket. "Jess! Ace will go ballistic!" said Sarah, feeling a little bit scared herself. Julius went into the kitchen to see what happened. His heart also started racing, he felt like he was going to get the blame. "Clean it up quick!" Julius said in a quick whisper.  Ace came stomping down the stairs. He sounded just like a charging elephant. Julius heard and ran into the livingroom feeling frightened.  Ace went into the kitchen and saw the mess. His face turned as red as a tomato. He felt very angry.  He went up to Jess and screamed loudly in her face. "What did you do that for?! You little brat!" He raised his hand ready to hit her but before he got the chance,  Julius stormed in. He was scared but he wouldnīt let his sister be hurt.  "Donīt you dare hit my sister, you evil monster!" he shouted "Carry on, I bloody dare you, you cheeky little whatsit!" screamed Ace.  "Donīt shout at me like that! Donīt you mess with me you nasty piece of work!" Julius shot back. "Iīll flaming mess with you alright!" he shouted violently and he punched Julius in the face. Julius had been given a black eye and blood poured down his face. He ran upstairs to his room and slammed the door. He didnīt want anyone to see him crying.  Hot tears began to pour down his little cheeks. He walked over to his bedroom window and looked outside. Thoughts began to race around his mind again. "What did I ever do to deserve this?" Itīs not fair! Why didnīt mum protect me?" "I donīt think mum loves me anymore, I think she loves Ace more now.  He threw himself on his blue bed and sobbed for the rest of the night.

Table of contents:

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I loved it!!!!!! but it´s also sad
Updated 1062 days ago
Team Leo
I love it!!!
Updated 1062 days ago
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