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Chapter 19 - Day One of Three
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Felix stretched in his bed, praying to Lord, thanking him that there wasn┤t another attack.

Drawing the curtains on his bed, he threw on a black-and-white shirt-top, and some jeans.

He slipped out of bed and noticed that nearly everyone was downstairs in the common rooms, chatting quietly and playing pool and watching TV.

Felix clicked open his trunk and fished about for his pad and pencils, eventually finding them and bringing them downstairs to a desk against the wall.

He started sketching a picture of Kyra, with her billowing dress and flowing hair. He made sure to add an evil gleam in her eyes and a powerful horse at her side.

It wasn┤t his best drawing, but then again, he wasn┤t in the best of moods.

"Hey, dude." Felix turned around to face Chase, who was grinning massively. "Look what I have."

Wiggling and mewing in his hand was a tiny ginger kitten, with chestnut eyes and massive bat ears.

"Aw!" Felix swung around in the office chair to see the kitten closer. "He┤s so cute! What┤re you gonna call him?"

Chase studied him closer, identifying his limbs and distinctive markings. He looked at the little tabby┤s rotating ears and laughed.


Felix laughed too, and Radar turned, confused, ears swiveling.

Emilie covered for Bailey┤s voice over the speaker today, announcing in a surprisingly glum voice that it was time for breakfast.

Radar was put inside a cat condo-slash-climbing-frame thing that Chase had bought with a few spare dollars, and they left to go downstairs.

Breakfast was nothing out of the ordinary, same golden eggs and silky milk and glistening toast.

All the tutors were told to go to the Meeting Rooms after breakfast, which they did. Felix noticed Scarlett looking reasonably tired, and saw that Bea wasn┤t there. She was probably in the beds in the medical room with a few other casualties. Kitty was a pale shade of green.

They all headed back to the Meeting Room, as instructed.

The walls were covered in multiple drawings and posters of the Moonclaw logo; a silver wolf on a blue flag.

Sakura remarked on the glittering wolf, giggling happily.

Sakura was originally from Tokyo with her twin brother Daisuke, but transferred to California after an earthquake. She wore frilly, pink things that a cartoon might wear, and her night-black hair flowed down to her waist. Her brother couldn┤t be any more different if he tried.

He wore black skinny jeans and black converses, and a black hoodie with a black scarf that he could pull up over his mouth like a ninja. His black hair was spiky and messy. 

As you can tell, his favourite colour was probably black.

Felix reluctantly took his seat next to Scarlett, who today was wearing a messy braid and a long, red lumberjack shirt rolled up to her sleeves and past her ripped shorts, and she wore a grey singlet.

She was still wearing her trademark golden lighting bolt and 20 bands wrapped up her arms.

Tension was thick.


Scarlett turned slowly.

Felix shuffled uncomfortably.

He could have hugged Mr Kennelley when he came in and broke the awkward silence.

"Good morning, class."

"Good morning, Mr Kennelley," chorused the Moonclaws.

Sir flopped in the office chair in front of the paper-laden desk and tapped into the computer, projecting it on the board. An assortment of sums were there, and a groan emitted from every student┤s lips there except for Scarlett┤s and Felix- Felix because he enjoyed maths and Scarlett because she couldn┤t be bothered.

Mr Kennelley chucked an empty exercise book at each students place, each with their names on in his neat, curly print.

"Date and title, please. You don┤t usually do maths in Tutor Time, or for any of school time, really, except sometimes in Mental Studies and other lessons. But seeing as you┤re only going to be here for another 3 days, we need to get you all trained up. So. I┤ll give you a few minutes to work out these sums."

3 minutes passed of scribbling on paper and grabbing protractors, and, for others, chewing pens cluelessly.

Felix was one of the few that answered every question right, along with the red-slash-blonde-haired boy that he had sat with at breakfast the day before, who was surprisingly smart.

Becka wasn┤t just smart, though.

She was a genius.

She translated confusing algebra and mind-boggling equations to merely a few simple sentences, and worked out the hardest of mathematical sums within a minute.

By the end of tutor time, she seemed to be the talk of the class- for better or for worse.

"She seems nice," Ivy whispered, red hair framing her pale face. "But she shows off a lot."

"Yeah," agreed River. A navy Alice band pulled back her blondish, brownish curls from her dark skin. "I like her hair, though."

Becka had a simple crop-cut of dark brown hair, with massive navy eyes and rectangular glasses. She wore simple stuff, not falling for the latest label craze.

Felix decided that he would try to make friends with Becka.

He winded up talking to the beanie-hat boy on the way out, though, who┤s name turned out to be Asher.

"I think, when I get a cat, it┤s gonna be fully grown," he explained. "So if I don┤t make it, it can look after itself.

Felix agreed and decided that he┤d get a fully grown dog, too.


Felix vowed to himself that he┤s talk to Becka, but ended up walking to General Studies with Scarlett, since she was the only one he was sure he was going to be put in a class with.

Scarlett seemed to have brightened up a bit since breakfast, and was willing to talk to Felix.

He brought out his planner and checked the timetable. The teachers had added a new page just for today, a new timetable, since they don┤t usually have lessons on Sunday, they had to add one just for that day only.

"Mental Studies," Felix said glumly. "In MS4."

They made their way towards the ┤Studies┤ corridor leading off the Lobby. There were loads more corridors in the Studies one, such as "War Studies, WS1-WS11", "Scientific Studies, SS1-SS10" and even "Technique Studies, TS1- TS13". They wouldn┤t be starting Scientific Studies until fourth-year, though.

They found the corridor with the plaque saying "Mental Studies, MS1-MS10,".

Inside were 10 doors, each a classroom, and they walked into MS4.

The room was massive, with a huge, stone, dome ceiling, and a few stairs leading up to a low flagstone platform, with a desk, filing cabinets, a chalkboard and books- the teacher┤s platform, no doubt.

Each desk was for two people- one student and their partner, for instance, Kitty and Bea, or Scarlett and Felix.

A teacher stood on the platform. Her hair was a very messy bun lopsided on her head, wine-red and glossy.

A long, leather duffle jacket was over her short blouse and business skirt- and, as if to make her appearance a bit more casual, on her feet were slightly tattered black converses.

Though she may seem like a loony, the strange style actually suited her quite well, with the way she wore it.

Scarlett and Felix shrugged their bags under the double desk. Only Charmy, Celeste, Flynn, Chase and Rose were there. Rose sat alone on her double desk, eyes watering and blank.

Then walked in a girl that Scarlett knew as Brooke Friar, a dark brown milkmaid braid wrapped around her head, and little wisps of chocolate hair framing her face by her elven ears.

Her face was fox-like, angular and perky, sharp and harsh.

Her eyes gleamed orangey-yellow, like a hawk.

She entered a brief moment of confusion, not knowing where to sit.

She must have been the partner of someone dead or missing.

She eventually ended up flopping lazily in the seat next to Rose. Her worn satchel spilled onto the floor, multiple sketches and notes flying about, hardback books tumbling with thuds to the flagstone floor.

Scarlett knelt on the floor to help her. Brooke smiled nervously with pale lips.

Scarlett sneaked glances at the scraps of parchment and saw endless rough sketches of Natasha, and books with titles such as ┤Dealing with Loss┤, though mixed with the regular storybooks.

Scarlett packed these back into the satchel as Brooke watched her carefully, and Scarlett noticed a different piece of notebook paper- on it was her blotchy biro ink, saying ┤Crea Totum Hovelius-  Jukeas Latin??┤ Scarlett was about to query Brooke about it, when she suddenly snatched it, stuffed it in her bag and thanked her coldly.

She turned to go back to her desk.

Natasha┤s partner?

Scarlett thought about what was on the paper when she sat at her desk. What on earth was Jukeas Latin?

Felix looked at her confused complexion for a while, her eyebrows furrowed, teeth nibbling her bottom lip.

He tried to escape the fact of how weirdly pretty she looks when she does that.

Ma┤am, still arranging papers on her desk, scrabbled away on the board with a stub of chalk, and stepped back to reveal her name in the white, dusty scrawl.

┤Miss Twinetoll┤.

"Good morning, children," she smiled in her confident voice. "Welcome to Mental Studies. Here is the real thinking class," she said, waving her hands about. "But I┤ll try not to make it too boring."

Felix felt Scarlett leaning back in her chair, sighing.

A textbook was handed to every student, containing Literature, Mathematics, Multiple Languages and extracts from stories.

Felix raked his fingers through his ash blonde hair and stared cluelessly at the words. They all jumped confusingly about the yellowed parchment.

The binding hung limply on his book, whereas Scarlett┤s was still sturdy at the spine and not as battered as Felix┤s.

"Okay, kids," Miss Twinetoll said, attempting to fix her bun more securely on her head. "Page 253, Section B, Source VI."

There was a brief moment of scrabbling and flicks on paper as the students madly rifle through the books.

A thread was tugged from the spine as Felix flicks through the book.


Mental Studies was actually alright, though without a teacher like Miss Twinetoll, it would be mind-numbingly boring.

The day wasn┤t that depressing; there was Sorcery (the lesson was just flexing your fingers and strengthening the finger muscles), Survival Skills (learning about berries today), and a lot of free periods to study and revise.

By the end of the day, Felix felt exhausted. He sank into the plushy sofa, quickly grabbing his packet of crisps that was sitting precariously on the arm of the couch.

"Felix," Chase asked slowly, gnawing the end of his pen.


Chase furrowed his eyebrows at his exercise book and showed Felix the page, pointing to a diagram he printed earlier.

"These Cripeseed Berries...are they the ones that you can eat, with the poisonous leaves?"

"No." Felix jumped from the couch and crawled over next to Chase, who was kneeling on the ground.

The modern fireplace flickered warmly, setting a hazy glow about the common room.

"This one," Felix said, pointing to the diagram. "This one is the Cripeseed Berries. They┤re deadly." The berries looked as harmless as a berry could look- indigo and brimming with juice, with a green, thorned cap and growing in clumps on an innocent-looking bush.

Beneath the skin was orange, fleshy berry, with tons of cripeseeds.

"They could kill you with just a nibble," Felix warned. "This is the one you┤re looking for," He said, pointing to a different diagram. "Rofenshay Berries. See how they have yellow flesh, and they┤re small," he said, prodding different pieces of diagram.

The bush the berries grew on were large and leafy- the leaves spattered with lumpy yellow spots, each filled with lethal goo, which ooze out at the slightest touch.

"No, I┤ll feel bad..." wept a muffled woman┤s voice from the speaker, suddenly.

All eyes were on it.

"No! It┤s Bailey┤s! I won┤t!"


"I can┤t do it...can┤t they find a new boy┤s mentor?"

"Just do it!" Mr Rosselfield┤s voice says quietly.

A hush lingers over the common room.

"Hello, booys!" Emilie┤s voice sings, much louder, and very cheery. "We got a special surprise for you, since you┤re working on a Sunday! You have five minutes to get to the Activity Center."

Looks of confusion glance off each boy in the room, but textbooks are gladly discarded and food cleaned up as the boys make their way to the Activity Center.


The map was actually cleaning up nicely- the trampolines were back to their old selves and the wreckage was no more.

A few buildings, like the Pet Nursery, were still being built with magic by a few caretakers and teachers off duty.

They built with ease, trails of winking stars and glittering lights wrapping themselves around broken beams and fixing snapped metal.

The Pet Nursery was done in no time.

Felix continued to shrug his way with Chase over to the Activity Center. Dusk was settling, and a purple cloak of mist rested sleepily on the map of the school.

"So, what do you think that was all about?" Chase asked, after a long silence.

Felix looked towards him. "Hmm?"

"With Emilie."

"Oh...I don┤t know," Felix admitted. "I think she might feel bad because she was doing Bailey┤s job, and it didn┤t feel right."

Chase considered this. Another pause lingered awkwardly among them.

"Yeah," Chase said, kicking a pebble. It glanced off of Asher┤s foot in it┤s travels, and as Asher turned to confront them, he stopped in his curses as he realized it was Felix.

"Hey," Asher said, walking next to Felix. "I couldn┤t help overhearing your conversation about Emilie. I agree completely." Chase and Felix exchange glances.

"Do you think we┤ll get a new mentor?"

"I don┤t know," Chase says in a small voice.

"I hope not," says Felix.

The rest of the conversation is cut off as Ace and his two buddies, Winter Shafers and Drexel Finnive, ┤accidentally┤ shove their shoulders into Felix, Chase and Asher- causing them to faceplant right in the middle of a disgusting mud-filled puddle.


Scarlett couldn┤t stop laughing at Felix┤s solemn, mud-encrusted face. Bea had supposedly been studying Sorcery out of class for fun, and cleaned them all up with a flick of her hand.

Mr Rosselfield and Fitness Instructor, Miss Mewtin, were waiting in one room in the Activity Center.

A pair of curtains were drew to block off any signs of what they would be doing, but a familiar scent washed over Felix as he stepped in- a smell he couldn┤t put his finger on, but it was something he had smelled much before.

"Hello, First-Year Moonclaws," Mr Rosselfield said. "I trust you all had a good day?"

"Yes, sir," they all chorused.

"Good." he paced the hall back and forth, hands folded behind his back. "The other First-Years are all doing different things in the Activity Hall as an end-of-day treat this very second, but the first group who came in, First-Year Rochetjay, are near the end of their activity. They were doing Rock-climbing.

Felix felt a wave of relief as he heard he wasn┤t doing anything like slaying a dragon.

"So, I hope you enjoy your activity," Mr Rosselfield. Miss Mewtin clicked her fingers and immediately, Felix felt cold air brushing his chest. He saw he was wearing a pair of grey trunks with the school logo on it- a crimson shield with a pair of golden wings on it.

He felt goggles strapped to his forehead.

The girls wore simple grey swimming costumes with the logo, and a pair of scarlet goggles secures on their heads.

Each girl┤s hair was tied in plain ponytails.

"I hope you like the water," Miss Mewtin whispered- and with a prod of her finger, the curtains dissolved to glitter, to reveal a massive rectangular pool.

Ma┤am scaled her lifeguard seat high in the air, as everyone made a dash for the pool.

Everyone except for one person, who remained paralyzed, perhaps in fear.

Felix pulled his goggles over his eyes and made a swallow dive in the deep end.

The smell wafted by once more.

Ah, that was it.


The pool really was massive; no one was squished against the walls or had no room to swim.

Everyone had their free space.

The girl who wasn┤t in the water was still frozen in shock, so Felix swam over to the side to see if she was okay.

Her image was blurred from the fog inside his goggles, so he pulled them back over his eyes.


Scarlett looked down at Felix, pupils shrunk, legs crossed, hugging herself to stay warm.

"Why don┤t you come in?"

"I- I..." Scarlett threw another look at the water. "No...I can┤t."

Nausea swept over her. "I think I might leave," she said, panicking.

"Why?" Felix asked again, now pulling himself out of the water.

Scarlett gulped past the lump in her throat. 

"I...can┤t swim."   


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Congrats on 14 subs bae! x I will start Bitter Sweet soon, I promise! And maybe, I will re- write Mortal Lovers but edit it and get to the arena part quicker instead of 15 chaps talking about a school
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