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Chapter 18 - The Journey
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It took about 10 minutes to finally wrestle Scarlett through the doors, into the hallway that lead to all the classrooms and meeting rooms.

"NO! IS HE DEAD? IS HE?! HE´S DEAD, ISN´T HE!!!" She sobbed uncontrollably, hiccupping and slurping and roaring, salty tears streaking down her cheeks.

She collapsed several times, hanging onto Mr Kennelley, refusing to leave until she knew.

Felix watched her in horror, helpless, watching her writhe and struggle and suffer, pleading, begging. He had no option but to aid her outside.

"He´s not DEFINITELY dead," Celeste said in an attempt to be reassuring. She was still a little shaky and bruised from being held captive by Kyra. At the sound of the word ´dead´, Scarlett paused then hollered more, eyes arched from the tears draining her of fluid. The veins on her temples throbbed aggressively. Bea came in through the door that Mr Kennelley was trying to stop Scarlett bursting back into.

She was hurt.

She was being lead by a dozen or so Hetrae, each tending to every wound.

A gaping hole in her head bled crimson down her face, obscuring her vision in her right eye, and her left leg was wrapped in a blood soaked bandage.
But she was clutching Rini, who was safe, but with a little bit of scarlet blood smeared over his curls.

Bea’s eyes were fixed, slightly open, and her breathing was abnormal.

Something was mingled with the blood and flesh of the wound on her head, apart from the strands of hair that stuck to a paler bloody, solid material.

Bone. Her skull.

Scarlett roared more, begging to see Bea, but was eventually locked out in the hallway with Celeste, Felix and Mr Kennelley.

"NO, NO, NO!" Scarlett screamed. She hammered on the mahogany of the door, beads of blood forming on her fists.

"Scarlett," Celestia said gently, resting her hand on her shoulder.

Scarlett completely ignored the blood and Celeste, still beating and ramming on the door.

She eventually stopped, her clenched hands smeared with blood on her knuckles, and she slid down the smooth wood of the door, weeping and whispering in despair.

"He...he alive...or no...Bea...she okay? She dead? She alive...must see...!"

Felix looked at her with a look of anxiety and sorrow. He stepped forward and spoke gently to her.

"You need to calm down."

She looked up, face scrunched in a grimace, cheeks shiny from the stream of tears- totally unlike Scarlett.

"Why?" she sobbed. "Why even bother anymore?" she spread herself on the cold, smooth of the marble floor, sprawled in a star, eyes screwed shut.

"Come on," Celeste said quietly. She pulled at her limbs in an attempt to drag her to the Isolation Room, though of course she wouldn´t be isolate.


An awkward silence lingered in the room.

Scarlett hugged a plushy pillow, still hiccupping uncontrollably, and Felix sat gingerly on the edge of a gaudy sofa with zig-zag cushions, and Celeste had set off with Mr Kennelley to help collect some food. Karma was wolfing down some crunchy kibble.

Scarlett and Felix exchanged awkward glances.






After 3 minutes of this unbearably cringe-able hush, Scarlett heard Felix sigh quietly and began to make subtle chit-chat.


Scarlett left the soft nest of her cushion, her hair sticking to her tear-drenched cheeks.

Felix shuffled uncomfortably. "You alright?"

Scarlett threw him That Look. The look that, if looks could speak, would have shouted, ´Really?´

"Oh, yeah. I´m brilliant. Absolutely fantastic." she sneered. She watched Felix attempt to bite his tongue, but a comeback exploded out of him before he could resist.

"Well, I´m sorry for being so caring."

"Don´t you start! I´m a wreck."

"Your tantrum is nothing compared to the tempest inside of me."

"Yeah? I´m currently constructing a nest in a cushion made out of fabric, gloom and my own tears."

“That actually sounds quite cosy.”

“Shut up, now, Felix.”

Felix kept cracking jokes like this until finally, Scarlett let slip a tiny giggle, which eventually grew into a clear laugh.

Celeste and Mr Kennelley returned to Isolation Room, Celestia carrying a plastic tray, laden with soft bread and butter, a tall, cold glass of milk and the sweetest of hand-picked peaches, plus a large caramel cookie.

Celestia gave her tray to Scarlett.

She murmured an inaudible thanks, then shovelled crunchy fragments of biscuit, soft bites of tiger bread and gulps of silky milk into her hungry mouth.

After all that remained was an empty glass and a few crumbs, Scarlett pushed the blue tray onto the floor, smiling eagerly.

"Better?" Felix asked.

Scarlett´s face fell, remembering there was something to be sad about. The biscuit, Parma ham, bread and milk stirred in a sickly concoction in her stomach.

She rubbed her temples and screwed up her eyes. "Can I at least see Bea?"

All eyes were on Mr Kennelley. He gulped and nodded vigorously, smiling shakily.

"Of, of course."


The Great Hall was bustling quietly, each injury attended to, and a table with a pot of steaming broth in the middle of the hall. Scarlett hugged onto Karma.

A fold-out, blue shower curtain was stretched out around the more serious casualties.

Every so often, a scream would pitch out of the curtain, but was quickly hushed by the sound of beautiful singing or whispering. The nurse inside was obviously not a Hetra, as the silhouette was much slimmer and elegant than the Hetra´s massive bulk.

"Who´s in there?" Felix queried, at Scarlett´s side, as they made their way into the Hall.

"Another one of our clones," Mr Kennelley answered. "Gloes, we call them. A Gloe´s job is to nurse the injured and help revive the near-to-dead."

A curtain pulled back to reveal an angelic creature, clearly inhuman.

She had peachy lips and yellow, like a hawk´s, eyes, which almost seemed to be glowing subtly. It´s hair was extremely long, down to her shapely calves, and was glowing a sunny shade of blonde, pulled back into a tight ponytail. She wore a nurse´s apron and cap over a fitted blue dress. On her small feet were sensibly sized heels.

Scarlett looked at her closer and saw that her whole body seemed to give off a heavenly aura. She understood why they were called Gloes.

A male Gloe followed behind her, the same in appearance but in male form, with a blue surgical suit underneath a stethoscope. His hair, the very same colour as the woman´s, covered his forehead in sandy waves. He carried a doctor´s briefcase in his hand. He too was glowing.

"We thought you come," The female Gloe whispered in a pitchy voice. The sweetest of Italian accents.

"Yes," the male added, he too Italian. "Do come in." The pair of Gloes remained absolutely emotionless, and turned at the same time.

"These were a very early project," Mr Kennelley murmured. "We hadn´t quite grasped the concept of adding personality to such other features."

"Such other features?" Scarlett replied, walking in.

"Well, clones can´t have everything, you see, otherwise the world would be perfect, and of course, nothing is perfect. For instance, the Hetrae have emotion, cookery skills and speed- but, unfortunately, there´s no room for a voice. The Gloes have singing skills, incredible speed, looks, a voice and the power to heal and make magic, but no emotion."

The four walked inside the curtains, to find Bea sitting upright in her bed without expression, eyes wide with purple rings underneath them.

A bandage was still wrapped clumsily around her head and leg, both fresh but still mingled with a hint of scarlet.

"Scarlett," Bea said, without enthusiasm or any reaction at all, apart from slowly rotating her head to face the four of them.

"Bea," Scarlett replied. She moved forwards as if to hug her, arms spread, and was just about to reach when she noticed a little bundle of bandages and fuzz.


Two chocolate eyes peered out of the ball of caramel. Little patches of blood seeped between the gaps of the fabric.

"Oh, Rini." Scarlett sat on the edge of the bed, stroking Bea´s hand, the other hand resting on the fluffy bulk that was the injured pup.

He whined softly at her touch, flinching as Scarlett fingered the canvas of the band aids.

"You two," Scarlett said softly. Bea looked up and light spread across her, revealing the leaking blood that spoiled her china-doll-like face. "You two, you need help."

"No. I don’t want surgery."

Scarlett frowned at her. "Why?"

"It would spoil me. I try to be as natural as able. I would need all sorts of metal and screw to fix this opening.”

"Please." Scarlett gripped her hand tighter, staring into her eyes, willing. "For me."

Bea looked down and sighed. "Okay. For you." 

Scarlett smiled. She looked at Rini. "Oh, what about Rini?"

Bea smiled. "He´ll be fine. He´s a fighter."

Only then did Scarlett notice that Karma was not nestled into her soft clothes.

Karma was curled up with Rini, consoling him and nursing his wounds.


Scarlett lay in her bed that night, exhausted, but not in the sense that could make you sleep straight away.

She clung to her bed sheets, terrified that another attack would be launched. She listened to Karma snuffle in his wicker basket and lap up water from his metal water bowl.

Suddenly, she stood upright from her bowl, eyes narrowed and fur standing on end.


"It´s only me."

Scarlett saw Kitty pace her mattress, little claws clinging to the linen.

"Oh, hi, Kitty."

Even now seeing a talking cat was a little bit overwhelming.

Kitty didn´t look too good; her fur was backcombed and her tail was flicking irritably to and fro, her ears pointed vertically towards the ground.

"They´re operating on me tomorrow. The Gloes."

"Oh, why? Are you hurt?!"

"No." Kitty gulped past the lump in her throat. "They want me to be able to turn into a cat anytime I want, for battle, and stuff. They´re adjusting the timer inside of me."

Kitty explained her past in a couple of sentences.

"Wow! Are you nervous?"

"Well, yeah. I´m afraid every time I turn into a cat, it´ll hurt. Or maybe I won´t be able to control it. I don´t know. It just doesn´t seem right."

Scarlett´s full dinner from the Great Hall feast an hour ago churned sickeningly in the pit of her stomach.

"I´m sure it will be fine," Scarlett attempted half-heartedly.

"Thanks," Kitty replied glumly.

"You guys aren´t the only ones awake." Celeste, carrying an oil lamp, was sitting on the edge of her bed. Scarlett couldn´t believe she didn´t notice her before.

"Celeste...” Scarlett panicked, looking at Kitty. “You can’t tell anyone about this, right?” Scarlett looked at her oddly frightened face.

"I said, you´re not the only ones awake," she repeated, face stiff.

"Celestia? Are you okay?"

She remained expressionless.

A figure loomed behind her.

"I would have thought you´d be a bit more secretive about your conversations," a diva-ish voice said. "If little Celestia didn´t blab that hint, you´d never have noticed me."

Finally, the girl stepped forward from the gloom of the shadows.

Her face was flawless but devious, eyes gleaming amber and hair falling white down her back in ringlets, her hawk eyes totally out of place on such a delicate body.

Scarlett recognized her as Cleo from the tape of Tadeo´s death from dogs.

She didn´t seem as blessed or sorrowful now.

Plus, she was Tarekmor.

How did she even get in here?

"I hope you don´t think I´m trying to kill the ´opponents´ in this war." She leaned against the posts of the bed and a smirk played across her lips. "Why can´t we all just be friends?"

"She killed thousands," shot Kitty. She then covered her muzzle with her paw, horrified that she had let slip of her secret so early on.

Cleo walked slowly over to Kitty, clip-clopping in black heels and a black dressing gown- an admittedly strange combination.

She knelt down so she was level with the cat´s face and stared into her flaming eyes.

"Aw, wittle puddy tat standing up for her pathetic school? Diddums." she smiled mockingly and pushed Kitty’s muzzle patronizingly. "Don´t you think I was here long enough to hear the full of your little chit-chat?"

"Look, you." Bea stood up. Scarlett didn’t notice her before. "Bad person. You don´t talk to good person like that. Bad. Leave Moonclaw Room. Go to Tarekmor Room. Bad. Bye."

Cleo raised an eyebrow, then laughed in the most sickeningly, shrill laugh that Scarlett had ever heard.

"As you wish. Saya orang jahat, kan?"

Bea´s eyes shone and she looked at Cleo with wonder.

She shook her head, waking up out of it.

"Don´t you trick me, bad person. Bad thing you do. The trickery. Trickery me of my own language. How you dare."

Cleo resumed to crack up at Bea´s little knowledge of the English language.

"Aku bisa mengajarimu bahasa Inggris, jika Anda datang dengan saya."

"What´s she saying?" queried Celeste.

"She said, ´I teach you English language if you come with me.´ Well, you thank very much, but no."

Before Cleo could giggle anymore, Scarlett stood up and began to propel Cleo towards the stairs.

"Oh, I won´t be needing them," Cleo said knowingly, gesturing at the stairs. The others in Moonclaw were beginning to stir and wake. "I´m not one to hold grudges, but you, ´Golden Girl´," Cleo grimaced, looking at Scarlett´s golden lightning bolt. "You are disgracing Her Darkness´es name. Making her look like a fool."

"Her Darkness? You mean Kyra."

"You take her name in vain!" Cleo hissed. "Until next time, ´Golden Girl." she clicked her fingers and was engulfed in black bubbles. Once they popped, Cleo wasn´t there.

The three girls and Kitty the cat sat there in confusion, pondering over what just happened.

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