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Chapter 16 - Kyras Escape
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Felix knelt down in front of Scarlett, terrified.

He took note in his head of what Natasha said.

Crea Totum HoveliusCrea Totum HoveliusCrea Totum Hovelius.

He scooped up Scarlett, laying her clumsily on her steed. She slumped forward, her eyelids opening slightly, revealing the whites of her eyes. Her lips opened slightly. She was completely unconscious.

This must be her first experience with loss.

Imagine walking back to your hotel room to find your own mother hanging lifelessly from the ceiling.

That was one of the few advantages that Felix had; he could cope better with the thought of the end of life than most of his age could.

After seeing that Scarletts body just wouldnt stay upright, he mounted his own horse and plopped Scarlett behind him. She leaned into him, her elbow sticking awkwardly in his ribs. He did his best to ignore her.

Chase came galloping on his pitch black steed, his eye swollen and his hands blistered and sore. He pulled the reigns back tightly upon arrival.

"Dude," Felix said breathlessly. "Youre in one piece."

"Im alive, and thats a bonus."

They exchanged small smiles, when a deafening shriek pierced the air. Felix and Chase grabbed their ears, eyes popping and eardrums screaming.

The whole battle seemed to freeze.

A beautiful woman, in her mid-twenties, rode into the middle of the battle field. She had sharp, frosty features and a cold complexion that could have killed a raging fire. Her crystal eyes flicked sharply to and fro at the possible game.

Her snowy, elegant hair flowed beautifully down her back, swept back at the front like she had been caught in an angry tempest and small, glinting pieces of ice rested on her blonde hair.

She was harshly stunning.

She rode in a crystal chariot, pulled by two silent gray mares, and being chauffeured by a small man with pale skin and messy, white hair, in a conductors uniform.

It was clear to see that this woman was none other than the famous Kyra.


"Hello, children," she purred, gripping a crystal staff. "I bet youre all completely terrified.

A tall girl from the school stepped out and shouted, "You better stand down now, otherwi-" a dead silence rushed over her as Kyra rose her hand in an instant, and a static, clear-white, bubbly shot of power burst from her palm and passed into the girl, killing her instantly.

A hush of terror washed over the students.

"And so you should be, Kyra continued. I want this school. I want to show them what they did to me. Their doing made me kill a child. They were about to abandon me, after years of living there, and they were going to just..." Kyra gestured her thin arm. "...leave me. Such creatures we are, the human race." She smiled, her eyes rising into devious crescents, a sparkle of evil darting across the baby blue of her eyes.

"This school changed me. I dont yet know for better or for worse, but it changed me. And now, you shall all pay."

Only then did Felix notice a girl with her mouth gagged and limbs tied, sitting in the back of the chariot, in a terrified silence.

He recognized her as Celeste.

"You will all suffer. And you, my weak sweetheart, must try to fight with them."

Kyra whipped the gag from Celestes mouth with her delicate fingers, and ripped off the ropes binding her arms and legs together. She grabbed her by the hem of her tee and threw her onto the dry earth. Kyra threw just a chest plate after her, clanging it on Celestias head.

Hatred stayed locked inside everyone, resisting the urge to let it all out.

Felix pushed and prodded Scarlett in a desperate attempt to wake her. Finally, she moaned groggily and pushed herself up on her mare.

" it over?"

"Shh, Scarlett!" Felix hissed. "Thats Kyra!"


Scarlett sat higher on her horse, getting a better view of her.

"She seems nice."

"She just killed a girl."

"Not so nice."

Scarlett noticed the weak Celeste struggling on the floor. It was all she could do to start cursing at the evil witch.

"We must now fight, children," Kyra announced. "And may we praise the victor."

She stood in her chariot, and lifted her bare foot onto the bar on the chariot. She pushed down on it and leaped, soaring down in front of the horses. She hit the ground on her feet with force, her dress billowing out around her, the ground rumbling and quaking, her negative power surging through the dry earth.

The fight began.

Felix noticed all his teachers were there too, armed with weapons and hands at the ready for sorcery.

Mr Rosselfield started the first move, clenching his fists to make two handfuls of power. He thrust them at Kyra, and the two white hexes quickly moulded to look like two glowing fists. Kyra saw this easily, and with a wave of her wrist, she deflected it with ease. She brought her hands over her and moved one down either side of her in a rainbow shape. Once they were at her sides, she twisted around in a three-sixty degree movement, causing a white, translucent dome around her. Sorcery from the outside splashed harmlessly off of it. Every now and again, she would fist a hole in her protection bubble, to cast a hex at the nearest opponent, but the hole resealed itself almost straight away.

Felix thought about this.

If there was a spell that was massive and it could break the net, and if you would need a massive hole in the bubble to be able to fit the killing hex through...then you could jump through the hole and be able to finish her!

Felix rejoiced silently at his plan. He shared it with Scarlett. 

She smiled evilly.

"I mightnt like you yet, but I definitely like your devious streak."

    The two had finally persuaded Miss Otesmay to give Kyra her biggest hex. If she did faint, which apparently she definitely will, Chase and Mr Kennelley would carry her to safety.

Miss Otesmay raised her hands into a W shape. A bright light appeared there, growing bigger and bigger until Miss Otesmay could hardly keep it on her shoulders. With all her might, she threw the massive ball at the net. Kyra saw this, and for the very first time, looked worried.

In a fluster, she quickly conjured an equally massive ball of fire, but this one was pastel blue mingled with hints of black. She punched the wall of the protection bubble repetitively, making a massive gap. Scarlett dived in after the ball was released, but the gap closed too fast and trapped her foot on the other side. It was rock-solid all around. She wasnt going anywhere. She reached desperately to the wall to try and free her leg, but alas- her straining fingers were a good 10 centimetres away. She gestured for someone to hex the wall above her. Kyra, deciding to finish the hex rather than Scarlett first, opened the gap above her foot. Freed, Scarlett scrambled on the ground and emerged behind Kyra. Before the witch could whip around, Scarlett lodged Natashas dagger deep in the small of her back.

Kyra was stationary for a second. She slowly turned around. Her face was emotionless. She stretched her faint lips into a strained smile.

"Dont think I will forget you, foolish girl. I shall finish you next time."

She winced slightly upon removing the dagger. The witch threw the bloody dagger to the floor, and staggered back as a single blue crystal on her necklace faded to a dull grey. There were six crystals on her necklace. Felix stared in wonder at the jewellery. Did that represent parts of her life that shes saving?

She turned to teal vapour, in the shape of herself, and shot into the sky, as did the chariot.

Weapons littered the ground. 

The teachers and students stood, congratulating Scarlett as the force field around her died to a halt. She picked up Natashas dagger with quaking fingers, slotting it into her leather pouch. The realization that Kyra had got away sunk in.

They all retreated back to the ruins of the school, defeated.

Now what, Felix thought.

Now what. 

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