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Chapter 15 - Kyra Kendreson
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Kyra Kendreson was a beautiful young lady.

She was found as an infant on the doorstep of Skothamor´s Senior Academy, and they had no choice but to take her in. She was seen as the school´s token, their mascot, their lucky charm.

As Kyra grew older, her beauty only grew, but a beauty in a harsh sense. Ghostly lips, icy eyes, snow-blonde hair that flowed rhythmically down her back.

She wasn´t a confident girl, but if she didn´t have her way, a plot was at hand.

She stayed to herself, in her own private quarters, with only a dog to console her- a beautiful white German Shepherd, by the name of Glacieria. She too had her mistress´es crystal-blue eyes and elegant complexion.

One rainy Monday, another baby was deposited on the doorstep. A baby with grey, stormy eyes and jet-black hair.

Kyra´s room would have to be used for the infant´s chamber.

So Kyra, when she was 10, was removed from her private lair to make way for the child.

This didn´t agree with Kyra.
And as there were no more rooms available for Kyra, the horrid truth was that she’d have to be moved to a regular care home.
None accepted a potentially vicious German Shepherd.

In a panicked rush of anger and annoyance, she approached the child, blade in her hand- and took its life. Blood arced a beautiful pattern down the baby´s face. Blood was beautiful on the faces of the deceased in Kyra´s eyes.

After killing one, it became an addiction.

The child´s early demise had changed something in her.

She left the school with Glacieria at her side when she was 17, and made her way from village to village.

She wrecked havoc on anyone who had a face that might have been desirable once a corpse.

And every time she would commit a murder, she would cut a ´K´ on the right cheekbone, and a backwards ´K´ on the other cheek with the victims own blood. And she would leave, with a flourish of her black cloak, hood hanging over her pale face and blonde hair.

Kyra decided she wanted someone else to love, other than Glacieria.

She found a man, and wedded quickly. Within the year, she was carrying her own child in her womb. She gave birth to a lovely daughter.

She was like her mother, in a sense, but her blonde hair more butter-coloured than snowy, and her eyes more sky-blue than icy.

Kyra was delighted with her offspring.

She fled to Italy with her family, and left her husband to raise her child there. She was on many ´business trips´, which were really her murders, and she brought in the money from her more wealthy victims who desperately tried to bribe her with cash instead of taking their lives. Of course, she took both.

She wanted revenge on her childhood school.

They took in that horrible child, and simply moved her out. Just kicked her out. And she would have to go to a care home! Care homes don´t bring in pets! So what would have happened to Glacieria?

She rebelled against many war schools, destroying Sympafay Junior AND Senior school, damaging Tokrikaf Junior School and seriously threatening Skothamor Junior School.

She was leading up to her prize.

Oh, the glorious blood that would be spilled.

Skothamor were aware of Kyra´s plots, and did their best to keep her out with sorcery and protection...but Kyra was clever.

She knew how to produce dark magic.

Now at the age of 25, her anger continues to rage and the bloodshed is ever more horrifying.


Scarlett trotted through the battlefield on her steed, followed by a rather shaken Felix. She couldn´t stop thinking about Bea. Had she found Rini? Is she okay?

Horrified, Scarlett looked into the ash-filled shy, and saw the dim glow of another fireball shooting through the sky. She looked where it was headed.

Right at the Animal Nursery.

Scarlett galloped inside, panicked. She grabbed every puppy and kitten she could see, putting them in the weapon holders on her horse´s armour, where they gnawed and growled playfully at the tough leather, but still snuggled obediently into the leather straps.

There was just one puppy left.

It brushed its little tail against the sawdust of the kennels, panting slightly, jumping about on four little paws.

It was an Australian Shepherd puppy, probably about 8 weeks old, soft brown with a caramel face and a half- white muzzle and white on her warm tummy and a hint of it on her eyebrows. Her big bat ears folded over slightly, and she stared at Scarlett in delight with big, chocolate eyes. A little pink tongue waggled out her little mouth.

"Aw! Come, here, little one."

He bounced about, playfully. Scarlett saw the fireball growing larger in the sky.

"Come out! Any time, now!" Scarlett tried to go inside further, but the kennel inside the animal nursery was just too small.

"Um, food time! Dinner! Sausage! Treat! Good girl! Fetch!" Scarlett shouted, in a rushed panic to get the little thing out.

"Um, lunch! Breakfast! WALKIES!" The puppy stopped playing at the announcement of the W-Word. In excitement to go for a W-A-L-K, the puppy bounced outside, tail waggling a million times an hour.

"NO! STOP!" shouted Scarlett, scrambling out of the kennel in a cloud of sawdust. She ran as fast as she could outside again, grabbing her horse´s reins and clicking enticingly. She saw Felix fighting off a few stray opponents- and then saw Him. A particularly large warrior, bound in muscle, with no teeth and skinheaded.

He gave a brutal grin, and jumped off his horse, kneeling on the ground in front of the puppy, dagger in his hand and smiling menacingly. He quickly slashed at Scarlett, causing a pocket of flesh to open up, exposing skin tissue and pouring blood. She staggered backwards. Felix ran over to try and aid her. The Australian Shepherd stopped wagging her tail for a second.

This wasn´t right.

She saw Scarlett helplessly clutching her chestnut steed, and saw the terror on her face. No, this wasn´t right at all.

As the dagger brought itself down above the puppy, a certain feral instinct triggered inside of her. She jumped to the side, so the dagger lodged itself in the ground, so deep that it was hard to pull back out. The Aussie, giving occasional pitchy growls, launched itself at the warrior, fastening its needle-like teeth into his nose. The warrior whirled round and round, the puppy hanging off him like a flag, screaming at the spurting blood from his nose. This gave Felix time to jab his sword into the warrior, killing him instantly. The puppy fell to the ground also, licking his paws and wagging his tail. Scarlett collapsed feebly to the ground next to her.

"She´s mine," Scarlett whispered weakly, a crimson scar across her face. The brave puppy would need a name. She looked at the corpse of the warrior. "Karma," Scarlett laughed softly. "She´s called Karma."

Within seconds, the fireball crashed on top of the animal nursery, reducing it to dusty debris.

Scarlett attempted to ride her horse, but she couldn´t manage. The puppies and kittens still wriggled comfortably in the sockets on Scarlett´s horse. Felix saw the agony in her eyes, and clipped her horse´s leash onto his horse´s, leading her steed so she wouldn´t have to ride.

"Hang on," he said harshly, kicking the sides of his horse. Both stallion and mare galloped through the battle field. They were easy prey due to Scarlett´s injury.

Felix slashed back at oncoming predators.

They finally arrived at the Great Hall, where they dined. All the injuries and bodies were being treated there.

White sheets covered the shapes of bodies, and wounded children sat on mats in front of assorted nurses and teachers.

Scarlett felt her scar tentatively. She could feel where the flesh had opened up, and the different layers of tissue. Fascinating.

She jumped off her horse, and her legs gave way, exhausted from the energy-draining wound. She struggled to hoist herself up using Felix, embarrassed to be seen as easy prey.

She made her way over to one of the school nurses, using Felix as support, and recognized her as Miss Otesmay, the tutor for the First Year Rochetjays.

She smiled calmly at them, until she saw the wound. She beckoned for Scarlett to sit on the mat in front of her.

"Just a little bit of sorcery will clear this up, child," she said gently. She pulled some sort of imaginary string from her fourth finger on her other hand, using her forefinger and thumb.

A trail of purple mixed with spectrums of light and dazzling diamond shaped sparks emerged from her fourth finger, being pulled by her index finger and thumb. Scarlett gasped in awe. The teacher gave a slight tug on the light, breaking it from her other hand. She clasped it in both hands, imprisoned, and rested her lips on her fists, whispering.

"Ut in hac poena, erit quae innocens, ut eam curaret, eius pia pulchritud, quaex eam in adduxerunt Scarlett´s dolore."

With that, she placed her quaking hand over the wound. A violet glow peeked through the gaps between her fingers. She removed her cupped hands to reveal a pinkish zig-zag across Scarlett´s face and smears of blood- but no wound.

"Wh-I-No-Zzzt-Eehhh...." Scarlett mumbled, confused.
"What´s wrong with her?!" Felix asked, panic surging.

"She´ll be fine within 2 minutes."

Scarlett clutched Felix, terrified. "No-No, fuzzy! So fuzzy- Karm-Ehh, Karma!"

Karma came pattering over and dumped herself in Scarlett´s lap.

"K-Karm-Ahhh...Need food, food- p-please, food. Bra-raaaaiiin feel s-quish! Squish!"

"Her brain is a bit compressed after the spell," Miss Otesmay said calmly. "She´s very confused. I´ll go get her an energy drink."

She stood up, and clenched her fingers so her palms were still showing. White, shimmery light grew larger at her palms until they were big, massive clads of energy. She threw them at the entrance, causing them to curl magnificently in a million white sparkles, forming an elegant, spiralling arc to the door, enforcing it even more. The hexes were strengthening the door against dark forces. Looks like no enemies were going through that door.

Miss Otesmay falls to the ground, exhausted.

"Ma´am?" Felix runs over to help her up.

"I-I´m fine." She chuckled softly. "Even such a small hex exhausts me. That´s why, unfortunately, we cannot use such a hex over the whole school. It would tire us to death. Now- that energy drink, dear." She smiled, and hoisted herself up, and rushed to the kitchens.

Scarlett, at this point, had recovered, but she was clutching her head.

"Ugh, that was horrible...but at least the wound´s gone..."

Miss Otesmay returned with a Lucozade in her hand, and chucked it to Scarlett´s clasping hands. She fumbled the lid off and chugged it thirstily, drips of blue fluid running down her chin.

She dropped the empty bottle, bouncing it off the floor. She felt a buzz of energy flood through her veins. She jumped to her feet, scooping up Karma and leaving her with Miss Otesmay.

"Please look after her. I owe her my life."

 Ma´am smiled at the Aussie as it´s little tail whizzed with pure excitement.

"I´ll take good care of her."

Scarlett grabbed a discarded mat and popped it in a massive wooden crate where weapons once lay, and picked all the other baby animals by the scruffs of their necks and plopped them in too. They rolled about and sniffed in their new environment.

Scarlett mounted her horse and so did Felix, but before Miss Otesmay sat down again with Karma, Felix queried her.

"By the way, ma´am, what was it you whispered when you were making that healing spell?"

"Ut in hac poena, erit quae innocens, ut eam curaret, eius pia pulchritud, quaex eam in adduxerunt Scarlett´s dolore. Only, instead of Scarlett´s, you might have to use someone else´s name- the person who you´re healing."

"Okay." Scarlett pulled a notepad from her belt and jotted it down. "What does that mean, exactly?"

"It´s Latin. It means, So that in this punishment, it will be that is innocent, he might cause her to take care, by her gracious beauty, after the flame which they brought it up in Scarlett´s pain."

"That makes hardly any sense."

"Sorcery has a tendency to not make sense. That´s what´s so brilliant about it."

"And how would I use sorcery?" Felix continued.

Miss Otesmay smiled knowingly.

"You´ll know when it´s time. Just use your... everything."


A flash of orangey fire illuminated the hall and shook the ground.

With that warning, the two galloped out the double doors.


Scarlett slashed viciously at oncoming opponents, spattering blood on her olive-coloured face. Felix just galloped behind in awe.


Scarlett whipped her steed around. Natasha was there, dragged away by a barbaric warrior.

"Tasha!" Scarlett couldn´t help herself. It was instinct. She was unstoppable. She wasn´t about to let a fellow student go.

Natasha thrashed about in the strong grasp of the warrior. Grass tangled with her hair and mud stained her designer labels. She desperately tried to sink her hands into the mud, but it was rock hard from lack of rain. She tugged at stray pieces of grass, but they snapped at her touch. She was fighting a losing battle. The opponent was dragging her towards a hole in the ground.

Felix fended off the opposition whilst Scarlett kicked the sides of her horse, tugged at the reins, leaned forwards on the saddle. The poor steed flew across the barren land, muscles straining, lips curled, hooves thundering. The poor creature was going as fast as it could.

Not fast enough.

"COME ON!" shouted Scarlett, panicking, tears from the wind streaking clear paths in the dirt and dried blood on her face.

Natasha pummelled the man, tears brimming at her eyes.

The hole in the ground was becoming ever nearer.

Scarlett couldn´t take it.

She launched herself off the mare in a desperate attempt to save her.

She fell on her stomach, stunned for a minute, and quickly thrust her hand out. A pale hand clasped it back.

Natasha grabbed up Scarlett´s arm, face beaten, eyes full of terror.

"Don´t. Don´t let go unless you have to."

"I won´t, I won´t."

She smiled sorrowfully, tears in her eyes.

"I barely know you.”

"I know."

"I don´t want you to go."

"Me nei-"

Natasha´s hand was tugged from Scarlett´s. She screamed.


"RESSPAY HETAY EMSTONEGAY!" Natasha screeched in a hoarse voice. She threw a platinum dagger at Scarlett´s feet- and, with a final attempt to claw the ground, whipping her hair, she was pulled into the underworld, with a final echoing shriek.

And she was gone.

Just like that.

Scarlett felt an enormous pang of guilt and horror, and then there was black.

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it´s pronounced K-eye-ra :)
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Is Kyra pronounced K-eye-ra or K-ear-a?
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Thank yoo :D DemonDuckling and TashyBear! x
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I love your drawing in this chapter. The picture didn´t show much, but the thought that went with it. How did it happen? When was this? and it makes you think the picture in form which is terrifing
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I died... D: But I was so fabulous! D´: WHYYY! What happened to the sassy ass sword ninja huh? What about dat?! Anyway lol... LOVE ITTT SOOO MUCH! MORRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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