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Chapter 14 - The Attack
DELETEDACCOUNT | Published 1751 days ago

The sweet sound of chirping birds greeted Felix. He opened his eyes slowly and smiled slightly. He was in a warm cocoon in his sheets and blankets, and his pillows framed his head in the most comfortable way possible. He knew life was gonna be great here. 

"Boys, time to wake up!" Bailey┤s voice whispered from the speaker. "It┤s eight o┤clock. TIME TO GET UP!" HOOOONK! The klaxon beside the speaker hooted.

Every boy jumped with a start or shouted. After that, was a burst of laughter and conversation. 

"Settle down, boys. Change into something practical and casual; today┤s Saturday, but you┤ll still be able to check out the stables, pitches, weaponry shacks, trampolines and arenas."

The boys drew their bed curtains and got changed. Felix chose to wear something comfortable- some skinny denim jeans and a red polo shirt, with some matching red vans. He combed through his ashy blonde hair, and jumped down from his bed. Chase was wearing a blue shirt and black jeans with white trainers.

"Where we gonna go first?" Chase said, leaning against the balcony overlooking the common rooms.

"I was hoping we┤d go trampolining, yeah?" Felix smirked. "We could, like, develop our jumping," he laughed, hopping around on the spot.

"Alrigh┤! Off to go trampolining, then!" 

"Uh, mate, breakfast first."

"That might help."

"Boys! Fifteen minutes till you come down for breakfast. Find something to do until then."

Felix and Chase conversed about football matches, sports, other boys and what pet they wanted.

"So what pet do you want?" 

Felix looked up from picking at his duvet. "I┤m not sure yet. I┤ve always wanted a wolf."

Chase laughed. "A wolf?"

"They┤re so awesome and powerful! Totally my idols."

"I see your reason. But surely they┤ll never allow a wolf?"

"They have zoos here, you know!"

Chase sat up. "They do?!"

"Yeah! They keep tigers, lions, hyenas AND wolves for war and stuff! I heard you can adopt them, but keep them in the zoos, and feed them and stuff."

"Oh, my god, that sounds so cool!" Chase smiled. "I┤ll get a tiger cub. Dawh."

"I don┤t know what I┤ll get as my proper pet, though. Maybe a dog."

"I don┤t know about you, dude, but I┤m a total cat person."

"*Ding-ding-ding-diiiing!* Breakfast time, boys. Line up outside in an orderly fashion. Thanks! *Ding-ding-ding-diiiing!*"

Bailey had only got to ┤Boys┤ before they had all clambered down the stairs and wedged themselves outside the double mahogany doors.


Ooh, breakfast smelled nice today.

Plates of fried eggs with golden yolks, steaming waffles, buttered toast and bagels, crimson, juicy rashers and nutty, sweet cornflakes drowned in pure, luscious milk.

They shall feast this morning.

Before the meal, Mr Rosselfield came up to the podium for his signature speech.

"Good morning, children."

"Gooood moorniiing Miisteeer Rosselfiiiiieeeld," the Skothamor Students chorused.

"Even though today┤s the weekend, it doesn┤t mean you don┤t participate in activities like Arena Battles, horse riding and so on. If battle does launch, which is highly unlikely, then do not panic. Meet up with the nearest mentor or teacher and we will tell you what to do. It is unlikely this would happen- don┤t worry! Strong sorcery protects the school, even though very strong dark matter can penetrate it, it┤s not something to worry about. Feast well, students."

And after the unusually small speech, the man bowed and smiled without emotion. The Hetrae fluttered out to the students once more.

Felix sat with Chase and another boy, whom he did not know. He had strawberry blonde hair, completely blonde at the tips, swept into a small quiff. He had a spatter of freckles over his nose, and he was wearing a denim jacket over a blue-and-white striped top, and a navy beanie, with baby-blue football shoes, with white hipster glasses.

He smiled and nodded at Felix. 


Felix smiled too. "Hey."

"Excuse me, Ma┤am?" piped a perky voice. Felix turned to look at her and recognized her as Kitty. 

"Ma┤am, if we have all this food, won┤t we grow larger and we┤ll be too unhealthy to fight?"

The Hetra gaped helplessly, trying to speak but simply not. A small teacher with foggy, circular glasses and snow-white hair pulled into a ponytail scurried over. 

"Oh, I m-modify each and e-every food!" she smiled. "I-I┤m Professor Fleemoke, the h-head of Science and Sor-sorcery in this school." she quivered, smiling.

"Okie doke," Kitty grinned cheerily. Professor Fleemoke scuttled away again, white lab coat trailing behind her. 

Felix saw Scarlett sitting with Bea and with Celeste Joicers opposite her. Scarlett was wearing a neat halo braid, with the end of her hair curled in weak ringlets. She was wearing a cropped, grey top with yellow cat eyes on them, and black skinny jeans, with grey converses.

She seemed tense whenever Kitty reached her arm near her, which was half-covered with a hoodie with white toggles on the left and right. There were cat paws on the end of the arms and cat ears cat on the large hood. Her textured hair flowed out of each side of the hood.

Bea was going for a long, pastel pink singlet and light-blue shorts, with baby-pink kitten heels, with a French plait down her back.

Celestia, wolfing down as much food as she could, wore a checked orange, blue, white and pink shirt, rolled up to her elbows, and her blonde hair pulled into a small, tight pony tail with bobby pins clipped randomly everywhere.

The girls got up and left quickly, Kitty particularly eager to go horse riding.

Chase and Felix shovelled the remains of their breakfast, and left to go trampolining.

It only took a few bounces before they started to feel queasy. Chase felt those waffles rising in his stomach.


Felix looked over to the further trampolines, and saw Natasha and Scarlett leaping effortlessly, with Scarlett flipping gracefully a few trampolines down. 

Natasha┤s hair was different today.

It was caramel brown, like Scarlett┤s, but only at the tips of her hair, which lead up to the original snow-blonde, in two loose pigtails. She was wearing a simple, floral playsuit and her matching stilettos sat neatly in front of the trampoline, where Scarlett┤s converses were strewn across the landscape. Natasha stopped to fix her hair, dangling her legs off of the side. She looked towards the boys. Chase sat up more and smiled, waving. She looked down on them with a look of contempt, eyebrows raised. She turned slowly away.

Chase looked downwards, smile fading, eyes full of hurt. Poor Chase, Felix thought. Maybe one day he┤d learn.

Felix bounced higher, looking over the picket fence at the stables. Kitty trotted about on a chestnut pony, its broad back speckled white, polished hooves pawing through the sawdust ring. Kitty radiated with happiness.


Felix looked up, confused. There wasn┤t a cloud in the sky. The sun beamed gracefully. The boys decided to ignore it.


Okay, this isn┤t right, Felix thought suspiciously. Natasha and Scarlett gaped at the sky, clueless. Chase seemed confused, when suddenly a look of terror overcame him.

His pupils shrank and mouth hung open with speechlessness. 

"Fire..." Chase gaped.

"What?" Panic surged through Felix.


A massive fireball planted itself in the ground, half a mile away from the school. Roaring flames engulfed everything within a half-kilometre radius, and an ashy blanket of billowing smoke climbed dangerously close to the grounds.

Screams of fear and panic filled the school and activities. Felix was knocked of breath momentarily in the sheer scariness of it all, and looked towards Scarlett, who was running desperately towards the stables, Natasha and two of her friends, Ivy and River, were close behind. Felix grabbed Chase and kept on the girl┤s tail. Kitty brought out two more horses for Natasha and Scarlett, and they mounted them effortlessly. Bea followed out after them, riding a gray steed- but, alas, their weapon slots on the horse┤s armour were empty. In a tidal wave of panic, Felix grabbed the reins of two jet-black stallions and mounted one, who whinnied softly in response. Felix had ridden a horse before- well, a donkey at least, when he and his family visited a Cornish Beach.

"Mount it!" Felix screamed over the panic. A massive boulder crushed the trampolines which they had been bouncing on no more than 3 minutes ago. A swarm of roaring warriors stampeded over the scenic hills which the boulder and fireball came from. 

Chase finally got his other leg over the horse┤s shoulders and kicked the sides of the steed.

They both galloped away to where they saw Bailey and Emilie, gesturing and shouting towards them.

"Okay!" Emilie squealed shakily. "WE┤VE GOT WEAPONS AND ARMOUR HERE! IT┤S GOING TO BE FINE! IF YOU HAVE ANY PETS, PLEASE RETRIEVE THEM! YOU┤RE POSSESSIONS WILL BE FINE, AS THEYĺRE SMALLER THAN THE SCHOOL, THEY┤RE EASIER TO HEX WITH A PROTECTIVE SPELL. JUST FIND YOUR PARTNER AND START FIGHTING!! WE ARE FIGHTING THIS WAR THIS TIME BECAUSE OF A WOMAN, KYRA. SHE KILLED A PERSON, AND IT BECAME ADDICTIVE. SHE ATTENDED THIS SCHOOL AS A CHILD, AND HATED IT, AND NOW SHE WANTS HER REVENGE."  She dropped a crate of clanging armour to the ground, throwing sets of them to each student. Bailey held a crate of weapons, face almost grey, grim. Felix noticed Bea┤s face fall with absolute grief. She collected a full set of armour and put it on, and put a horse┤s set for her mare. Quickly slotting a sword into a leather pocket on the horse, and slinging a bow and quiver of arrows over her shoulder, she galloped off, shouting a name with glassy tears in her eyes. Rini. Rini.


Felix rode his horse off towards the drama, inhaling and exhaling deeply, equipped with armour on himself and on his stallion, 2 daggers with serrated edges held into the leather straps of his horse┤s saddle and a silver sword, inscribed with Latin, slotted in a leather pocket. Within seconds, a warrior rammed his shield into Felix┤s stomach, knocking him of wind and nearly pushing him off the horse. He hesitantly stuck a dagger into the warrior┤s heart, and blood spurted rhythmically from the organ, still beating. Felix backed his horse up; horrified at the thought that he had actually taken someone┤s life. The impaled warrior drew his final breath, and dropped with a heavy ┤thump┤, spluttering blood.

Felix┤s own heart skipped several beats.

He was recovering from the trauma, when suddenly; a heavy hand pushed him off his steed. He fell on his stomach, groaning, when he rolled over and saw the warrior, with several teeth missing, and the ones that were there were yellow or blackened.

Felix jumped to his feet, only to find that his weapons on his stallion were taken by the opponent.

He grinned crookedly, exposing dark pink gums and more chipped teeth. He held a sword above his head, Felix┤s noble steed still standing helplessly. Felix closed his eyes, and thought- Oh, my god. This is it. The end. Goodbye. The warrior was just about to bring down his weapon, when suddenly, he froze, his pop eyes widened with confused fear. He dropped his weapon, and coughed up a splutter of blood.

Felix backed up, surprised at the warm, sticky spray. The barbarian fell on his face, eyes rolled back, a solitary drip of crimson blood rolling down his chin.

Felix gaped at Scarlett, red spattered on her clothes, disgust on her face, a bloody dagger in her hand.

She retrieved Felix┤s weapons from the corpse and threw them to him, and grabbed his wrist, Felix still speechless.

"Come on," she said. "I don┤t want you to nearly die again."

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So sweet! The fire and the coughed blood from Hunger Games! I like it ;)
Updated 1748 days ago
Yes, I did do the picture, btw :D based on my real life BFF, ❤ TashyBear ❤ xx ly :D
Updated 1749 days ago
Updated 1751 days ago
i mean im gonna continue it
Updated 1751 days ago
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