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Chapter 12 - Meal Times
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"Wh-?!" Felix stammered. He looked at Scarlett. She looked flushed and awake, with shrunken pupils and shaking fingers. 

"N-no, Sir, you cant do that! Please!" Scarlett begged. 

"Im afraid I can, Scarlett," he said apologetically. "Im sorry, but you and Felix seem like the perfect pair." 

There were a few giggles and whistles from the crowd. Scarlett hid her face. Mr Rosselfield threw the audience a look of annoyance, and a hush fell over them. Felix looked up at the top rows and saw Chase. He shrugged and sucked in his mouth, hands by his shoulders, as if to say Well, what can you do? 

"Not like that. No, you two fight similarly. Its like you already know what the others going to do." 

Thats true, thought Felix grimly. He sunk back into the plastic chair that he had sat before Scarlett was paired with him. He slumped against the back. Tired. Weak. Defeated.

Everyone went in lines back into the common rooms. Felix dragged himself up the stairs, and flopped on the silk sheets face-down, and moaned groggily. So far, today wasnt the best. At least they started on a Friday- tomorrow is the start of two beautiful days of peaceful bliss. Ahh. Thank god for the wonderful Nothing to Do Days. 

Dusk began to settle over the grounds of Skothamor Academy. A layer of mist hovered over the frost-tickled grass. 

An aura of mystery quietened the whole of the First Year Moonclaw. 

Felix, face still buried in the silk blankets, didnt notice Chase quietly approaching him. "Fiducia, certa, potestatem," Chase whispered, sitting gingerly on the edge of the bed. Felix turned his head to the side, grunting quizzically. "It means Reliability, Precision, Power." Chase paused. "Its the school motto." 

Felix sat up and flipped himself over, resting on his elbows. "Is this supposed to be reassuring?" 
Chase shrugged. "Sort of...?" 

Felix noticed Ace on the double of his section on the other side of the platform. He was joking and laughing with his mates, and he briefly heard the name Scarlett. Felix decided that he didnt particularly like Ace. 

*Ding-ding-ding-diiiing!*" a series of tones increasing in pitch sounded from the cone-shaped speaker. 

"Dinner time, First Years!" trilled a sugary voice over the speaker. "Please form an orderly line outside your common rooms, and your mentors will come down to lead you. Thank yooou! *ding-ding-ding-diiiing!*" 

There was a bustle of feet and flailing limbs as all the boys clambered down the stairs. When they all squished out the door, the girls looked upon them with a look of disgust and contempt, as they continued to stand in a perfectly formed line. A girl, with bouncy blonde hair and pearl-white teeth that were constantly displayed in a sweet smile, was standing in front of them. 
"Hello!" she sang in the same sickeningly sweet voice from the tannoy machine. "Sorry that your Mentor couldnt address you, boys! Hes currently busy, but hell be along soon. By the way, Im Emilie! Hiyaaah! Im going to be the mentor for the girls! I was in First Year Moonclaw, too! But now Im in Elite Moonclaws, which means its my Ninth Year here, and I was elected mentor for the first years! How sweet is that?!" she squealed. She was dressed in a gaudy neon shirt with puff sleeves underneath light-blue dungarees, and electric-turquoise converses. She was a bit too screamy and giggly for Aster, but she seemed a hit with the other boys. 

A taller boy scrambled in front of the line. Oh, god...Bailey! 

Emilie managed to maintain her perfect smile, but embarrassment seemed to play her pink lips. 

"Bailey, youre late...!"

"Sorry! Sorry, it wont happen again, I prom-" his eyes fell to Scarlett, who was seriously struggling to stop herself from running to him screaming. His pupils dilated with ecstasy. "You got into Moonclaw...Im so proud of you, sis." he breathed loudly. She smiled with pride. Felix could see Scarlett whispering to all her classmates, "Hes my brother." "You see him? Hes my big bro!" "Do you have a brother? I do! There he is."

Next Baileys eyes found Felix. Oh, joy. 

"Ah, there he is! I was hoping Id see you here!" he came over next to Felix. "Hey, Im hoping youll be good company for my little sis." 

Felix shrugged. "I guess thats one way you can put it."

Felix gasped in awe when he walked into the Great Hall once more- but this time, a long wooden table ran through the middle, laden with rainbow-coloured jellies, beautifully decorated cakes, plates piled with profiteroles and glossy chocolate syrup, crackly, golden ducks, muffins bejewelled with glacier cherries, and more delightful feasts. 

Scarlett had already claimed her seat, and the two either side for Bea and Celeste. Felix noticed that she was careful to sit nearest to the 4-tier red velvet cake. 

Mr Rosselfield stepped up to the podium to give a motivational speech before the meal, though Felix was sure that no one was listening, and all eyes were anxiously glancing at the Red Velvet cake.

"Please note that the food is to share," Sir said solemnly. "If you do want some food, you need only ring the bell nearest to you to call upon the Hetrae." A line of rosy-cheeked cooks lined up against the wall smiled cheerily. Each had the white apron and cap, and plain black dress, and dull brown hair tied into a messy topknot. They were all identical. "The Hetrae are clones we produce especially for the school. They will perform any given order- except for the ridiculous ones." He smiled, without humour. Now, children, I will warn you once more, the things you will see at this school are things worse than the horrors in the pit of your nightmares. You will witness death, pain, imprisonment. You will have to take the lives of others. Yes, grim things will happen, my students. Thats why you must be prepared. This world seems too perfect, doesnt it? Not even a third world war yet. If you think about it, there are many things that should be fought for- oil, land, life. Why does this hardly ever happen?" Mr Rosselfield shouted. He leaned on his podium tensely. "Because the government leave us to do it. Different, unworldly matters, too. We have sorcery. We have weapons. We have monsters. We have YOU." He pointed at a random girl in the audience. 

"M-me?" she squeaked, terrified.

"Yes! And you- and you, and you! All of you!" he shouted, gesturing at the whole room. He calmed down a little and exhaled. "Yes. We need you youths to fight for us. Were too old to wave cutlasses about. We need younger flesh and blood. You will learn many great things along the way. Yes, even sorcery!" the whole crowd murmured in excitement. "Thank you, all. Enjoy your feast." with a dismissive wave of his hand, he turned and walked over to one of the teachers dining tables. The students broke into chatter. 

"Is he mad?" Felix asked Bailey. 
"In a good way." Bailey smiled. "Hes my idol, you know. One of the best warriors when he was younger."

Scarlett rang a bell for a Hetra. It heaved its plump body over to her at a surprisingly fast pace- when everyone noticed that they had tiny bat wings fluttering on their back. Not enough to make them airborne, but enough to speed themselves up a little when walking.    

"Um, hello." Felix smiled nervously at the portly woman. She smiled blankly with a cheery face, and everyone couldnt help grinning back. Its like their happiness was contagious. 

"Can I have some duck, please? Gravy, too." The Hetra waddled surprisingly fast over to the duck, and sawed through the tender meat, and placed it on Felixs porcelain dish. Weird. It was exactly the right amount. She then poured a thick, steamy layer of gravy on top of the meat, and with a final flourish, she ladled some juicy roasted vegetables on the side. Smiling widely, she then waddled away to the next student.

Not a single student was left waiting- each was attended to within 10 seconds. No one knew how the Hetrae did it, but they werent about to question it. They were getting the best food they had ever eaten, which was proved when each and every pupil staggered back to their rooms, stuffed with warm profiteroles and roast dinner.    


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Ahahah only just saw this! Lol sozzles!!
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DUCK! OF AL THE MEAT IN THE WORLD, YOU CHOSE DUCK!!!!?? POOR QUACKIES! I loved this chapter! :) Reading the next one now! :D
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